Cash for Junk Cars Government Program

Cash for Junk Cars Government Program

Did that old clunker fail yet another smog inspection? No problem, make a quick grand or more by selling it to the Cash for Clunkers program from the state of California! Oddly enough, they want and need your old jalopy.

Cash for Junk Cars Government Program

The cash for junk cars government program is a division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. The special department is under the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. The specific program’s name that buys your car is CAP Vehicle Retirement.

The point to the state of California buying your car is to get it off the road because it’s lived its life and is now a polluter. How do they know it’s a polluter? It just failed a smog check and it’s going to cost a lot of hard-earned cash to get it to pass. It is best to just put it down, meaning down the throat of a car cruncher. So, how much are they going to give you?

You will receive either $1000 or $1500 depending on your income. If you meet the state’s low income requirements then you will receive $1500. Finally! It literally pays to be poor and all your efforts were not for naught. Being low income is defined by 225% x the Federal poverty guideline. Here is a 2018 chart that gives all the answers.

But! This program is for everyone. If you don’t meet the low income guidelines and you want to sell it to CAP instead of giving it to the junk yard, you will receive $1000.

Of course, there are a bunch of criteria that need to be met. All the different points that you need to meet are spelled out in detail on their CAP Vehicle Retirement brochure page.

You can finally make your family happy by contacting this cash for junk cars government program. End your children’s embarrassment and sell that clunker.

Road Trip Planners That are Free!

Road Trip Planners That are Free!

Some travelers like to just wing it, but others like to plan out every little detail. Road trip planners are for those who like everything on a schedule. Like it was when they were in the Army. Or prison. Anyway, here are a couple road trips planners to try out. They’re free!

Road Trip Planners

The first road trip planner is called Furkot. It helps you stay on schedule by letting you tell it how many miles you want to get in per day. It will let you know which of your preferred type of hotels will be at your stopping point for the day.

You can add stops along the way, review upcoming tourist attractions and drag your route due to last minute changes.

But most of all, it keeps you right on schedule and will warn you that you will fall off schedule. I’m fairly sure that Sheldon Coopers voice won’t be involved, so you’ll have to imagine that part.

Next is Their trip planner is very easy to use and it has a very cool Airstream icon on the map. It is like Lucy and Desi are out there somewhere roughing it in a KAO. You can click the restaurant icon and it’ll dot the road you are on with numerous eateries. You can also select the type of food you’d like.

When you’re full of food and cool beverages you can select other icons like shopping, points of interest, and sports! And of course, there is a hotel icon. What makes it special is that many of the choices are previewed on the left side of the page with nice big pictures of their establishments.

Roadtrippers has everything the Rand McNally tries to have on a paper map, but it is supersized and goes into depth. It looks like this road trip planner makes the ordinary trip a lot more interesting by letting you know what you’re missing along the way.

Recall Notice for Toyota Prius and Prius 5

Recall Notice for Toyota Prius and Prius 5

This safety recall involves the 2010-2014 Toyota Prius and 2012-2014 Prius V vehicles. This is a voluntary recall. Please see your dealer if you own one of these cars. They will fix it for you free of charge. The official notice is below:

PLANO, Texas, October 5, 2018 – Toyota is conducting a safety recall involving certain 2010-2014 model year Toyota Prius and 2012-2014 Prius v vehicles. Approximately 807,000 vehicles in the United States will be involved in this recall.

The involved vehicles were designed to enter a failsafe driving mode in response to certain hybrid system faults. Toyota has found that in rare situations, the vehicle may not enter a failsafe driving mode as intended. If this occurs, the vehicle could lose power and stall. While power steering and braking would remain operational, a vehicle stall while driving at higher speeds could increase the risk of a crash.

This recall provides a remedy to address a new condition in the vehicles involved in the previous recalls announced in February 2014 and July 2015. The previous recalls did not anticipate this new condition remedied with this recall.

To address this issue, Toyota dealers will update the software for all involved vehicles, at no charge. Toyota will notify the involved customers once the software update is available.

Information about automotive recalls, including but not limited to the list of involved vehicles, is subject to change over time. For the most up-to-date Safety Recall information on Toyota, Lexus or Scion vehicles, customers should check their vehicle’s status by visiting and entering their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate information. Safety Recall inquiry by individual VIN is also available at the NHTSA site:

For any additional questions, customer support is also available by calling the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1.800.331.4331 or the Lexus Guest Experience Center at 1.800.255.3987.

How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

Given that a Prius runs on a battery it is no wonder why car shoppers are concerned and asking, “How long do Prius batteries last?” before they purchase one. But, there is good news if you’re looking to purchase a new Prius.

How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

You’re smart to ask, “How long do Prius batteries last?” given these types of batteries are very expensive, about the cost of an old used car. The good news is that the Prius battery is guaranteed to last 10 years or 150,000 miles in the state of California. Other states are usually only 8 years or 100,000 miles. The reason they are different is due to the California emissions laws.

If your battery doesn’t last that long then they will replace it for free. You do not have to worry about the dealer pro-rating and deducting the years or miles you’ve had it. They will replace it for free, no matter how long you’ve had the car or how far you’ve driven, if it is still under  warranty.

Cost of Prius Battery Replacement

These are expensive batteries to replace at your own cost. They run between $2200 to $2600 depending on the model of your Prius. Labor costs to replace it can run several hundred dollars. If you’re thinking of buying an extra just to have it in case you run out of power, that isn’t advised. It is awkward to install it, requiring a 2nd set of hands and it is easy to damage the battery. It is probably not going to end well, so just let a professional mechanic do the job for you should you have to replace it. If you don’t have to replace it, then don’t.

A Mechanic to Help

A1 Performance Auto Repair is experienced with working on all Toyota models, even the Prius. The next time you need maintenance or if you’re worried about how long your Prius battery power is lasting, stop by and we’ll have a look.

How to Check Your Driving Record to Catch Identity Theft

How to Check Your Driving Record to Catch Identity Theft

Learn how to check your driving record when you want to know if some negative information has been removed or to see if someone has stolen your identity. It is a simple thing to do.

How to Check Your Driving Record

When you’ve been waiting a long time for points to come off your driving record or maybe other traffic violation, the wait seems endless. You don’t have to hire an attorney or ask an insurance agent to let you know. You can check your driving record yourself and keep this private.

It is very inexpensive in California to get a print out of your driving record. It costs $2.00 and you can pay and get the print out on their website.

If you don’t have an online account with the California DMV, you’ll need to start one. You will need to start an account on the Registration Page before you use the link below to get a print out of your driving record.

Next you will go to Driving Record Page on the DMV website. Once you’re on the page, click the start button and follow the instructions from there.

The instructions are for a copy of your driving record for your own personal use. If you need an official print out, such as what you need to apply for a driving job, then you will need to request an official document. This is done by filling out this PDF file and then mailing it in to the DMV. The address where you mail it is right on the form.

Learning how to check your driving record is a good thing to do. You can check your record from time to time to make sure nobody has stolen your identity. Many people keep an eye on their driving record for this reason. A stolen driver’s license or a fake driver’s license in your name can really cause a lot of problems, if not caught early.

How to Check Your Brakes for Safety

How to Check Your Brakes for Safety

Driving around with worn out brakes is a dangerous practice. Make sure you can stop when you need to stop by checking your brakes yourself from time to time. Most drivers figure out their brakes need replacing far after they needed replacing. Not being able to stop is the end of the road for the entire brake system.

How to Check Your Brakes

One simple check is to look. If you have the spoke type of wheels, just look in there. You should be able to see the brake pad. A good pad will have ¼” or more of thickness. If it has less than that you should bring them in to A1 Performance Auto Repair to have them inspected. Our mechanic will let you know if it is time to replace them.

The high pitched squeal is an indicator letting you know it is time to take your car in to be inspected. Sometimes, inexpensive brake pads will make this squeal from the day they are installed. So, if they have always done that then it is probably just the brake pads. If you start hearing the sound suddenly and even when the windows are rolled up, it is time to get them checked.

When the brake pedal goes a lot closer to the floor than it used to, you’ll need to see a mechanic right away. There could be a lot more wrong than just brake pads. The longer you wait for repair, the more expensive it will get.

Brakes that are less responsive than they used to be could indicate a leak in the system. Look at your brake fluid to make sure it is as full as it should be. If that is normal then have our mechanic inspect your system. It could be one of several different things making that happen.

How to check your brakes is an easy thing to do. If you don’t do it, have A1 Performance Auto Repair check them once per year.

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