How to Flush a Radiator for Good Radiator Maintenance

How to Flush a Radiator for Good Radiator Maintenance

If you like to tinker with your car or truck and handle minor maintenances yourself, here is how to flush a radiator. When you do these things yourself you’ll take a chance that you’ll miss a vital step or damage something, but on the bright side, it is fun to work on your own car a little bit.

How to Flush a Radiator

Learning how to flush a radiator isn’t as simple as you might think. Logically, you’d think you just stick a hose in it and turn it on to flush out the old then fill it with the new. No, it is not that easy. Radiator fluid is something that needs to be recycled, as well. You should not let it get on the ground.

This Youtube video is very helpful. He takes you step by step, showing you everything you need to do to properly flush out your radiator and refill it. You’ll notice it is not a quick maintenance. You’re going to need to stay close to home for many hours to get this done. Part of the reason is that you’ll need to let your car cool down before you can continue.

Have a Mechanic Flush the Radiator

Flushing the radiator in your car or truck is very time consuming, plus it is expensive to buy the fluids needed to get the job done right. And then in the end, you’ll need to pay to recycle the old fluid. Instead of figuring out how to flush a radiator, you might want to just have your mechanic do it. The price is really pretty low for this service and your mechanic will be able to check your system to make sure everything is running properly. These are things you wouldn’t know when you saw them. Give A1 Performance Auto Repair a call for an appointment to have your radiator flushed.

Check Engine Light Stays On Means Nothing – Never

Check Engine Light Stays On Means Nothing – Never

If your check engine light stays on, there is a reason. And this is something you shouldn’t ignore. Sometimes it is a simple problem, but most of the time there is something serious going on with your car. Here is how to know the difference.

Check Engine Light Stays On

When the check engine light stays on, rather than blinking, you should get it checked out when its convenient. But you should definitely make a point of getting it checked by your mechanic sooner rather than later. While your car probably won’t immediately break down on the side of the road, it is going to compensate for whatever the problem is. This means you’re possibly sending out a lot of pollutants into the air and getting terrible gas mileage.

For some cars, if the engine light is yellow, that means you should figure out what the problem is as soon as its convenient. If it is red, you’ll need to pull over and not drive it until it is repaired. Read your manual to see if a yellow light is used for your car.

If the engine light is blinking, this is a whole other ballgame. Your car or truck is having a serious and immediate problem. You should pull over and call your mechanic for advice. If in addition to the blinking check engine light you have an indicator of low oil pressure and/or the car is overheating, you should pull over and turn the car off. Call for a tow.

Sometimes the reason the check engine light stays on is because you didn’t put the gas cap back on after the last fill up or you need to tighten it. If you didn’t just get gas at your last stop, then it is probably one of the other problems. Give us a call at A1 Performance Auto Repair for an appointment. We’ll figure out what the problem is with your car and get it fixed quickly to get you back on the road.

Change Windshield Glass for Free

Change Windshield Glass for Free

If you have a chipped or cracked windshield you’d probably love to have it fixed, but you think you can’t afford it. Well, here is some great news that’ll make your day.

Change Windshield Glass

You can change the windshield glass for free. And better yet, they will stop by your work, home or wherever you are and doing it there.

Almost all windshield repair companies fix windshields from their van. They’ll make an appointment with you wherever you are. They’ll come to your home, work or even while you’re in your dance class. Pulling out the old glass and putting in new glass is a quick process for these professionals. They can do chip repairs quickly, too.

Your Insurance Deductible

If you’re concerned about having to pay that $250, $500 or $1000 deductible, forget about it. Almost all windshield repair companies waive the deductible for you. They want to make sure you have a good windshield in order to drive safely, so they are willing to work for what the insurance company pays them. So, no deductible payment is required. You pay nothing. Sounds great, right? Well, there is a bit of a catch for some people.

Unfortunately, this deal doesn’t include everyone. Those people who never elected to have comprehensive insurance, don’t have this coverage. Comprehensive is the insurance that you must have if you have a loan on your car. It covers any damage to the body of the vehicle. Most people drop this coverage when the car gets older and the loan is paid off. If you’re not sure if you have comprehensive coverage, give your insurance agent a call to find out.

Who to Call for the Fix

To change the windshield glass or get a repair for free, you can call just about any windshield repair company. Ask them if you need to pay the deductible. Most of the time they will say no. Now go get that windshield repaired right away.

Great Deals on Oil Change in Sunnyvale CA

Great Deals on Oil Change in Sunnyvale CA

There is one auto repair shop that has great rates on an oil change in Sunnyvale, CA. That place is A1 Performance Auto Repair. Here is what you need to do to get the very best price at this auto mechanic.

Oil Change in Sunnyvale

To get the best price on an oil change in Sunnyvale, you need to go to A1 Performance Auto Repair. But first, you should check the Deals Page on their website. Quite often there is a deal going on for oil changes. There will be a coupon listed for the traditional oil change and sometimes for synthetic oil change.

The great thing about getting your oil changed at A1 Performance Auto Repair is that they do a thorough check of your car when they do an oil change. They’ll check for unusual wear on belts, hoses, tires, check fluid levels. In all there are 21 different things they check to head off any problems that could cause a break down. A1 wants to make sure you have a safe car to drive.

If problems are found, you’ll be notified of the issue. The mechanic will explain if it is a repair that needs to be made right away or if it is something that can wait a while until you get around to fixing it.

Getting the Oil Change

At A1 Performance Auto Repair all repairs and oil changes are done with scheduled appointments. We find this allows us to better serve our customers and have shorter wait times for oil changes and other maintenance services.

Give us a call to schedule your oil change in our Sunnyvale location by calling (408) 530-0089. If you need a ride back to your office nearby, as about our shuttle service.

A1 Auto Repair in Sunnyvale and San Jose CA

A1 Auto Repair in Sunnyvale and San Jose CA

A1 Auto Repair has two locations now! The original is still located in Sunnyvale, CA, and specializes in all makes of cars. Our new San Jose, CA, location specializes in European makes of cars only.

A1 Auto Repair

A1 Auto Repair is what many of our customers call us, but our official name is A1 Performance Auto Repair and our new San Jose location is A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists. Both locations are owned by Cliff Do.


We are proud to be certified by:

  • ASE Blue Seal of Excellence
  • ASE Certified
  • Diamond Certified
  • State of California Emissions Licensed

Additionally, we were awarded Best of 2015 by Best Businesses Best of Sunnyvale, CA. We are particularly proud to have earned that award for our Sunnyvale location.

Our customers are very loyal to A1 Auto Repair and there is a good reason as to why. The mechanical skill of Cliff and the rest of the team is what it takes to quickly diagnose the problem with a car or truck and fix it right the first time.

We believe, as you do, that we should fix only what is broken and fix it properly the first time you come in with the complaint. We are not in the business to keep you coming back to fix the same thing, changing out parts willy nilly. We do honest work and fix only what needs repair. Being able to diagnose the problem accurately, allows us to do that.

Stop by A1 Auto Repair the next time you need your regular maintenance and get to know us. We know you’ll think of us as your favorite mechanic once you experience are customer service and mechanical ability. We are always there when you need us and we enjoy keeping your car or truck on the road.

How to Save Bad Rotors on Your Car

How to Save Bad Rotors on Your Car

Bad rotors are an expensive problem. Sometimes you can save a little money and machine them and other times not. Here is how to know the difference.

Bad Rotors

When you hear some grinding when you come to a stop or your brake pedal goes so much lower than it used to, you probably need a brake job. Replacing the brake pads is not all that expensive. It is when you have bad rotors that the brake job is several hundred dollars more. This part isn’t cheap and the mechanic always recommends replacing them, why?

Your options are:

  • Replace just the brake pads
  • Replace the rotors too
  • Have the rotors machines
  • Sell the car

Why Replace Rotors?

The mechanic will always tell you to replace the rotors, not because he wants you to spend more, although that’s an attractive option for the mechanic. He wants your car to operate in the best possible way when he is done with your car repair.

If you don’t replace the rotors and you chose the option to have them machined, you can save a little cash if they are very lightly grooved. But machining won’t get the deep grooves out of the rotors. This means it’ll make a lot of noise still and it will grind up your brand-new brake pads like a kid with a bag of Halloween candy. Just say no to machining. It really is not the best option in most cases. There was a day when rotors were machined, but those days have long since passed.

For the best price and to ensure your car will have brakes that will last a long time, and have quieter stops, choose to spend a little extra on brake pads to get the ones that are quieter. And choose to replace the rotors.

Replacing Brakes

If you’re concerned about your brake wear, call for an appointment for a brake check at A1 Performance Auto Repair and we’ll take a look at them.

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