How Many California DMV Test Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

How Many California DMV Test Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

Test your knowledge with these actual questions from a Sample California DMV test. Are you smarter than a teenage new driver? Let’s find out!

California DMV Test

1. You must notify the DMV within 5 days if you:

A. Sell or transfer your vehicle.
B. Fail a smog test for your vehicle.
C. Get a new prescription for lenses or contacts.

2. You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 MPH. The traffic is traveling at 70 MPH. You may legally drive:

A. 70 mph or faster to keep up with the speed of traffic.
B. Between 65 mph and 70 mph.
C. No faster than 65 mph.

3. It is illegal to park your vehicle:

A. In an unmarked crosswalk.
B. Within three feet of a private driveway.
C. In a bicycle lane.

4. All of the following practices are dangerous to do while driving. Which of these is also illegal?

A. Listening to music through headphones that cover both ears.
B. Adjusting your outside mirrors.
C. Transporting an unrestrained animal inside the vehicle.

5. When can you drive in a bike lane?

A. During rush hour traffic if there are no bicyclists in the bike lane.
B. When you are within 200 feet of a cross street where you plan to turn right.
C. When you want to pass a driver ahead of you who is turning right.

6. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles:

A. In both directions may pass.
B. Next to the broken line may pass.
C. Next to the solid line may pass.

The correct answers according to the California DMV:

1=A, 2=F, 3=A, 4=A , 5=B, 6=B

How did you do? Are you an expert in California driving laws or would you flunk the test if you were forced to take it today?

Unforgettable Road Trip to See Colorful Foliage in Northern California

Unforgettable Road Trip to See Colorful Foliage in Northern California

You don’t have to be in the great white north to take a quick road trip to see the fall colors. You can do that right here in The Bay Area.

Road Trip!

Summertime is over and now it is time for the transition into autumn. When you’re looking for something to do for a day trip or a couple of days on a road trip, viewing the fall colors is a spectacular way to spend the day.

Some places that make for great color viewing that you might not know about are here:

UC Botanical Garden

The University of California in Berkley has a beautiful botanical garden. This garden takes on all the fabulous colors of autumn and peaks in November. Of particular interest are the Asian Area plants that will display a vibrant array of oranges, golds and reds.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

When the colder weather hits, usually as late as November and December, the garden turns into an autumn color paradise. Of particular interest is the Moon Garden which is filled with Japanese plants. Keep an eye on their Instagram account to know when the color changes are starting.

QuarryHill Botanical Garden

This is a wild Asian woodland that can be toured on your own or with a guide. There is an admission fee, but it is completely worth it. This 25-acre parcel of land is a former quarry, that in the late 80s it was turned into a place to let Asian plants grow wild. It is beautiful any time of year, but if you enjoy a walk in the chilly air to view fall colors, this is the little known spot to enjoy.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Before driving around on a road trip to enjoy the beautiful views and fall color our area has to offer, remember to get your car’s hoses, belts and levels checked first. Stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair ahead of your next scheduled maintenance.

Cost of Roadside Assistance and How to Get It Free

Cost of Roadside Assistance and How to Get It Free

The cost of roadside assistance can be quite high, depending on what organization helps you. But there are ways to get roadside assistance for free, if you plan ahead.

Cost of Roadside Assistance

The cost of roadside assistance has dramatically risen in the past several years. The worst of it is in and around the San Francisco area. Towing service has taken the biggest hit in price increases. It could cost several hundred dollars to tow your car in, should your roadside assistance call turn into a tow. But, there is a way to plan ahead and get these services for free.

When you own a Mercedes Benz that is still under warranty, you will be able to use their roadside assistance program. You call their phone number anytime 24/7 and they’ll come to your vehicle to help you with the problem you’re having. The truck that arrives has what it needs to help in the most common Mercedes Benz problems. There is no charge for this service, but there are some requirements to be met before you can use the service. If you own a Mercedes, check on their program now, before you need to use it.

Another option is to join AAA for less than $60 per year. This will entitle you to 4 free roadside assistance calls. For some calls, such as the need for a locksmith, a maximum reimbursement for the service will apply. But a lock out of the car doesn’t usually require a locksmith as it is handled as a regular call. There are upgrades to the roadside assistance program that cost a little more per year, but if you need those services then it is worth it.

Sometimes, the cost of roadside assistance can be free if your mechanic does a free tow to their shop in order to repair your car. Give A1 Performance Auto Repair a call to see if they have that promotion active.

Car Break-Ins Near All Time High in Bay Area

Car Break-Ins Near All Time High in Bay Area

The car break-in epidemic continues in the Bay Area, particularly at tourist spots. People jump out of their car for just a minute to take a selfie and return to their vehicle to find its windows smashed and their valuables stolen.

There were about 29,000 car break-ins in 2017, which was up by over 4,000 than 2016. The problem steadily rises. In 2017, there were only 790 arrests and most did not did not do jail time.

The police are now going undercover. Detectives are walking around in plain clothes and officers’ presence in uniforms has also increased. While arrests are up, the problem just gets bigger.

Officials report that street gangs are responsible for 70 – 80% of the auto break-ins. Tourists are generally the targets as frequent target areas are Fisherman’s Warf, Golden Gate Park and 347 at the Palace of Fine Arts. All in all, 80 cars per day are being hit with no end in sight.

What You Can Do

Aside from making a report when you see it happening, there are many things you can do to keep yourself and items safe.

  • Never leave anything of value inside the car, not even for a minute. Items like wallets, purses, smartphones and laptops and other electronics are always going to be stolen when visible through the windows. Hide them in the trunk before you arrive at the destination.
  • Take a cab or a ride sharing service to visit tourist spots. It is more convenient anyway. Live like royalty with door to door service.
  • Park in a lot with security then walk to the tourist spot or take a ride sharing service.
  • Keep a record of the serial numbers of your electronics in a safe place at home and a copy of it in your bank safe deposit box. If items are recovered, you can prove it is yours.
Worst Cars to Buy

Worst Cars to Buy

When you’re car shopping for a used car, you pray every time you fall in love with one that this one won’t be like that other one you suffered with that one time. There are so many stinkers these days, that it isn’t enough to name a brand like Yugo and be done with it. Every brand has their duds. So here is some info on the worst  cars to buy, so you can avoid them.

Worst Cars to Buy

There is a nice article at that lets you shop by brand to see the worst cars to buy. They are listed by year to make your shopping for a nightmare that much more precise. Use the drop down menu in this revealing device and it’ll bring up all the car names and the specific years they were a lemon.

It is easy to see that what is known as the worst car of all time isn’t even listed. Have all the Yugos been removed from the face of the earth now? There aren’t any exploding Pintos, Gremlins or Vegas listed either.

Bookmark the article if you’re shopping for a used car. You’ll reference it regularly to avoid some of the worst automotive disasters.

Even the beloved Tesla has its bad years listed: 2013 Model S and the Model X in years 2016-2017. Well, nobody’s perfect. Unless they are – you’ll see Honda doesn’t have a single car in that little database, although Acura has a few.

The Asian car brands have some very slim pickin’s, if you actually want a lemon of a car. Hardly any models are listed under those brands. So, it looks as if when you’re looking for the most reliable car out there, get yourself a Korean or Japanese car.

When avoiding the worst car to buy, be sure to stop by with any auto under your consideration so we can check it out. Even good cars can go bad.

Signs Your Transmission is Going to Fail

Signs Your Transmission is Going to Fail

Your transmission should last a good long time. However, it if is getting up there in years and miles then that funny sound might be a clue that the end is near. Here are some symptoms of a transmission gone wrong.


Not every symptom means it is going to turn into a big deal, but if you ignore things eventually they will. So, treat symptoms as they crop up and you should be able to extend the life of your car.

Rough Shift

Rough shifting is that delay before the car switches gears or it shifts hard with a clunk. It leaves you concerned for a minute, wondering if it’ll ever shift. This needs to be fixed soon.


Transmission slipping is a bizarre shifting into another gear without any reason. It’ll sometimes feel like it isn’t accelerating when you’re trying to go faster, the engine might be revving up and there are possibly whining sounds. Get to the mechanic as soon as possible.


If you see leaks under your car that look like cherry flavored cough syrup, it is probably from the transmission. Although, power steering fluid might also be that color. If the car is having no symptoms, go to the mechanic when convenient, but within a few weeks. If it is shifting weird, go right away. Don’t attempt to add fluid yourself. Overfilling can cause bigger problems.

Transmission Repair Costs

Transmission repairs can be as little as $150 – $200. If your transmission needs to be overhauled or replaced, it could be in the thousands. It is important that you keep after every little issue, because those little issues are signs the end of its life is in your future. Keeping up with repairs will extend its life.

Stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair to let us check any weird noises or shifting issues your car is having. We’ll let you know how serious it is.

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