If Your Car Breaks Down We Have Towing

If Your Car Breaks Down We Have Towing

If your car breaks down, you have your hands full and shouldn’t have to start shopping for a reasonably priced towing company. Just give A1 Performance Auto a call at 408-530-0089. We offer towing when you’re near our auto shop. We’ll have your car diagnosed quickly, so you know what you’re facing in a repair.

Car Breaks Down

When your car breaks down it is usually a fairly miserable experience. We hope that our towing service gives you some peace of mind and makes the experience easier.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when something goes wrong with your car:

  • As soon as you realize something is wrong with the car make a note of where you are. Notice the cross streets near you, landmarks like easy to see businesses, mile markers, etc. You’ll need to explain to someone where you are.
  • Start working your way over to the shoulder of the road. Park as far off the road as possible and turn on your emergency flashers.
  • Call A1 Performance Auto Repair for a tow into the shop. 408-530-0089.
  • If you need to exit the vehicle try to do so from the passenger side, if that is the side where there is no traffic.
  • Raise the hood of the car. This is the universal signal that your car is broken down. Someone might stop to help.

Avoid Break Downs

Most car break downs are avoided when the car owner brings the car into A1 Performance Auto Repair for regular maintenance. If you hear odd noises or something else seems amiss, tell the mechanic about it. He’ll check it out and find the problem, heading off a break down later on. Stop by today to have your car maintenance done.

Cheap Towing Service Near You is A1 Performance

Cheap Towing Service Near You is A1 Performance

When you need a cheap towing service near you, A1 Performance Auto Repair will tow you for free. We offer our customers a tow into our shop within a 3 mile radius. You can’t do better than free! Keep our phone number with your car’s registration, so it is easy to find if you break down.

Cheap Towing Service Near You

If you are in the Sunnyvale area, A1 Performance Auto Repair is the towing service you want. We will tow your car into our shop for free and fix your car or truck right away. There is no need to sit on the side of the road using your smartphone to find a towing company that is going to charge you a lot of money. Your car is broken and that is going to cost money to get repaired, you don’t need to add a huge towing fee on top of it. Give us a call and we’ll arrive with our tow truck and tow you into our shop. If you’re within 3 miles of our shop, we won’t charge you for the tow! That helps a lot with your budget!

A1 Performance Auto Repair works on all types of cars and trucks, specializing in Japanese cars. We can do everything from minor repairs to working on gas or diesel engines. We have mechanics that are Diamond Certified, so you know they’ve already passed a great deal of testing to prove their expertise in auto and truck repair.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

If you have the unfortunate experience of breaking down either at your home or on the road, give us a call for a free tow (within 3 miles) to our shop: 408-530-0089. You should keep our number with your car’s registration so it’ll be easy to find when you need us. The best cheap towing service near you is A1 Performance Auto Repair!

European Auto Repair Available in Sunnyvale CA

European Auto Repair Available in Sunnyvale CA

European auto repair is available in the local Sunnyvale area. If you own a Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Mini or other European make you can take your vehicle to A1 Performance Auto Repair to get the specialized repairs you need for your car.

European Auto Repair

When you have a car or truck that is made outside of the USA, you’ll likely need a mechanic that specializes in European auto repair. While any mechanic can likely change the oil on your BMW or Volvo, you are going to need a specialist when something goes awry. It is at that time when a mechanic is going to have to do research to figure out the nuances of your car, likely on your dime. You’re going to feel a lot more comfortable with someone who knows your car’s make inside and out and knows all those quirks it might have. The mechanic that knows European makes of cars and trucks will know right where to look to fix the problem, saving you a lot of time and cash.

Specialized Team

A1 Performance Auto Repair has a specialized team that is made up of mechanics that are trained in many makes of cars and trucks. This team can repair and maintain vehicles that are domestic, European and Japanese.

A1 Performance is certified in the ASE program, has the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence and is Diamond Certified. These programs have tested the mechanics in the shop to ensure customers that they have a high level of knowledge about vehicles. The Diamond Certified program conducts a study where they survey the customers to find out how happy they are with the services received. A1 Performance has passed all of these tests and is certified by these programs. You can be assured that your foreign vehicle will be in very good hands with our European auto repair mechanics on our staff. We hope to see you soon.

What the Auto Mechanic Shortage Means for You

What the Auto Mechanic Shortage Means for You

There is an auto mechanic shortage going on in the USA for the past several years. Auto dealerships and manufacturers have been doing everything they can think of to encourage people to become mechanics. They go to job fairs, start their own recruiting programs and pitch students at technical schools. But, what does all of this mean to the average car owner?

Auto Mechanic

The auto mechanic is now the hotly recruited commodity. Their name used to be Grease Monkey. Today their name is Mr. Mechanic. Everybody wants the trained, experienced mechanic these days. What this means to you is that the labor hourly rate at the car dealership is skyrocketing. It is going up because mechanics are cashing in on being in demand. They are now making upward of $100,000 per year, because the dealership is desperate.

The average auto shop isn’t all that affected from the shortage. The independently owned auto shop is still owned by a mechanic and what he gets to take home is the profit of his shop. If the shop owner does hire any other mechanics then usually they are somewhat new to the industry. New mechanics are not going to have the training the dealership is looking for. So, your local mechanic is going to be an even better deal for you now.

As more and more car owners are discovering that the dealerships are usually charging far more than the auto mechanic on the corner, they are going to the auto shop like A1 Performance Auto Repair. The neighborhood mechanic is now the hero and busier than ever with all the new business. When a shop takes good care of their customers and charges a fair labor rate, they have all the business they can handle.

Tips for Car Mechanic Shopping to Find a Good One

Tips for Car Mechanic Shopping to Find a Good One

Shopping for a car mechanic can be very frustrating, especially if you are new in town. How do you know who to trust? Is this mechanic experienced enough to work on your car? Usually, you can ask local friends, but if you have just moved to the area, how do you know who is good and who to stay away from?

Car Mechanic

One way to check out a car mechanic is to look them up on Yelp.com. If you are in a large city then this will probably answer most of your questions. People in the city depend heavily on a review site like Yelp and they voluntarily do reviews to help others. It is sort of a community support website.

It is a little old fashioned now, but the Better Business Bureau is still used to help unhappy customers get satisfaction with a company they feel wronged them. Go to the BBB.org website and look up the car mechanic that you are thinking of using. If you see numerous recent complaints that are unanswered by the auto shop then you should think twice about using them. All businesses do get complaints. That is a normal part of doing business, because you cannot please everyone. Some customers are just unreasonable or looking for free services and they’ll report the business to everyone until they give in. However, if the auto shop is ignoring complaints then that is a red flag.

One of the best ways to find out if the mechanic is well skilled is to look to see if he is Diamond Certified. This is an independent organization that gives mechanics tests so they can prove they know their business. Those car mechanics that have passed their rigorous testing will have a sign or sticker in their window displayed.

Auto Repair Award Selects A1 Performance as Winner

Auto Repair Award Selects A1 Performance as Winner

Auto repair is the category in which A1 Performance recently won an award. The Best Businesses of Sunnyvale Award Program selected A1 Performance Auto Repair for their excellent business practices for the year 2015.

Auto Repair

This was the first time A1 Performance Auto Repair was given the award by the organization. Owner, Cliff Do, has been so proud and excited ever since he was notified. He will proudly point out the plaque that hangs in the shop. He is so happy that all of his hard work and his mechanics have been recognized.

Auto repair can be a tough business. It is difficult to find great mechanics and it is the mechanic that is the foundation of an auto shop. You need auto mechanics that are not only courteous, but are able to get the job done right the first time. This is why Cliff’s shop participates in the ASE certification program. There is always at least one mechanic on duty that has passed the rigorous testing in automotive repair by ASE.

Diamond Certification is another way A1 Performance Auto Repair lets their customers know that they are an honest Sunnyvale auto repair shop. Diamond Certification is an award for a high level of customer satisfaction. Auto repair shops have had their customers called by the nonprofit organization, American Ratings Association. The customers are asked many questions and rate the service they received by the business. After 400 of the shop’s real customers are surveyed, the auto repair shop is rated. Only the upper 10% receive the Diamond Certification award.


Not all mechanics at auto repair shops are equal. Cliff Do works hard to fix his customer’s automobiles and makes sure his staff has the same goals. This is why A1 Performance Auto Repair wins awards like this one from the Best Businesses of Sunnyvale Award Program and has such happy customers.

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