How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Changed?

How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Changed?

When you’re shopping for a used car, you’re probably wondering how often do brakes need to be changed on cars. The good news is that it can be as much as 75,000 miles before you need to change them. The bad news is it could be as little as 25,000.

How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Changed?

The huge factor in the life of brake shoes, discs and rotors is how the driver of the vehicle drives. With good braking habits you can have your brakes for a very long time before you need to replace them. Another factor is keeping an eye on their condition and catching repairs before they become expensive repairs.

If you drive across town to work every day in downtown traffic, your brakes probably won’t last as long as the person that takes the freeway. All that constant stopping due to traffic and traffic lights is a lot of wear on your brakes.

When your transmission is manual then you can downshift more often to slow down first before braking. This can save a lot of wear and tear on the brakes. But if you are driving an automatic then there is no practical way to do this.

Another tip to get more life out of your brakes is to keep the vehicle light. That means you need to take all that stuff out of the car that is in there for no reason. Travel light and it takes a load off of your brakes.

When Car Shopping

When you’re shopping for a used car, you will have no idea if the former driver slammed on the brakes a lot, drove in heavy traffic and used and abused the braking system. You will need to have the brakes inspected. Some brake problems are expensive, so it is an important factor for the sales price.

Cars for Dogs That Want to Drive

Cars for Dogs That Want to Drive

There are cars for dogs that want to drive like their owners do! Watch as this doggy take his Rolls Royce around the property as his owners talk about how this came to happen.

Cars for Dogs

Barry the Bedlington terrier didn’t just hop into his mini-Rolls and take it for a ride. He started, like many children, with a tricycle and worked his way up to a Rolls Royce. Oddly enough, dogs that drive cars isn’t as rare as you might think. Dog owners are giving their pups cars for dogs. Some take to driving rather easily, it seems.

The cars aren’t really specially made for dogs, they are made for children. Kids drive their mini-cars around the property and practice their best maneuvers. Dogs like to have a little fun, too! Barry was an internet sensation back when he was just a young dog tooling around the estate on his trike. Now, he has his own Rolls, of course.

But Barry the Bedlington isn’t the only dog out there driving around. Youtube is full of videos where they claim the dog is driving. Some appear to be remote control cars and others appear to be driven 100% by the doggie.

And then there is Porter, a rescue dog in New Zealand. The SPCA in New Zealand decided to have a publicity campaign. They chose to teach dogs to drive a car! Not a mini or toy car, a real car! The video below shows their great success. Apparently, the publicity campaign was a great success, too, given this video generated over 100,000 views. I hope they raised a lot of cash and were able to re-home hundreds of doggies.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Remember to get your car’s maintenance done on time, whether it is your car for dogs or just for you.

Summer Travel Tips for Cheap Overnight Stays on Road Trips

Summer Travel Tips for Cheap Overnight Stays on Road Trips

Summer travel tips usually point out the full range of hotels on your route for your road trip, but there is more to overnight stays than hotels and motels. No, not camping and RV parks, although that is a valid option, the latest and greatest way to stay overnight is AirBnb.

Summer Travel Tips

The best summer travel tips let you know how to find the very best accommodations for the least amount of money. This is especially important when traveling in a very expensive area such as Manhattan or the Bay Area. It is a lot more fun to spend your trip budget on fun things to do instead of where to sleep for the night. The biggest thing in overnight accommodations is AirBnb.


AirBnb is named after an air mattress. Basically, the name means a Bed and Breakfast on a blowup bed at a friend’s house. Today, AirBnb is sort of like staying at a friend of a friend’s house. You don’t know them personally, but they come highly recommended by your friend.

AirBnb isn’t a hotel room. This is a collection of homes with a spare bedroom to rent to you for the night. Think of it as a reinvention of the boarding houses of days of old. People would take in boarders for a little extra cash to get by. This is what  AirBnb is and it gets rather sophisticated at times.

Depending upon the host, your room could be an air mattress on the floor of a college student’s apartment for $20 per night. Or your room could be a beautifully decorated small home with an ocean view and a free breakfast.

AirBnb is the hottest thing going in travel and it makes all the summer travel tips lists now. It is a great way to save cash and you get to meet all sorts of interesting people on your trip.

Know When to Contact a Lawyer after a Car Accident

Know When to Contact a Lawyer after a Car Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident you should contact a lawyer right away. Of course, this is vitally important if you were at fault due to driving under the influence of alcohol or medication or the person in other vehicle was injured. Aside from criminal liabilities, you should still speak to a personal injury attorney and here is why.

Car Accident

You’ll likely be very sore after the car accident and you’ll take some ibuprofen and start to feel better. What you don’t realize is that you might be in worse shape than it seems in the first few days or months. Many injuries don’t reveal themselves until many months after the initial swelling goes down. It is important that you’re seen by a doctor to make sure there are not serious problems going on.

You need to have a personal injury attorney make sure your rights are protected in this accident.
He or she will:

  • Do a thorough investigation
  • Determine if you have a personal injury claim
  • Collect evidence in your case
  • Help you with appointments for treatment from medical professionals

There are many types of damages in personal injury claims that you can recover after an auto accident. Of course, your medical treatments must be paid and any future medical bills. Pain and suffering, loss of use of a limb, ongoing mental distress or a disability caused by the accident will all be reimbursed when they are a part of a claim. The bills to repair your vehicle will be involved in the claim and to pay your attorney. These are just a few of the things you will file a claim for.

The most important things you can do after being injured in a car accident is to get medical help and contact an attorney. If you need any help with car repairs from your accident, please give us a call at A1 Performance Auto Repair for a free tow (within 3 miles).

Do You Have These Necessities for Your Northern California Road Trip?

Do You Have These Necessities for Your Northern California Road Trip?

You’re about to embark on the adventure of the summer, your Northern California road trip! Yay! Did you remember these items that should always be in your car?

Northern California Road Trip

You remembered to have your car checked out by the mechanic at A1 Performance Auto Repair. Check.
You remembered to unplug the coffee pot and put away the iron and ironing board. Check.
You remembered to call the credit card company to let them know you are traveling. Check.
Did you remember the important things that should always be in your car? Oh. No.
Before hitting the road for your Northern California road trip, make sure that it is fully stocked with some important things.

The Stuff Every Car Should be Stocked With

In the upper Midwestern states, drivers have a list of items every car needs to carry around all winter. These items can save their life when it is -15 degrees and they are stuck in a snowbank for the night. Bay Area drives might not have need for a blanket and a candle, but there is a list for them, too. These items can make you safer and a lot less miserable when you’re stuck with car trouble.

  • A case of bottled water
  • Jumper cables
  • Dried snacks
  • Phone charger
  • A change of clothes
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Kitty litter
  • Warning triangles and light sticks
  • Gloves
  • Tools: screw driver, torque wrench and utility knife
  • Rope

You can see that most of those items you’d have plenty of uses for, but kitty litter? No, it isn’t in case you come across a wild kitty and you want to allow them to poop the American way. Kitty litter is very handy when your tire is stuck in mud or snow. It gives you some traction and you can leave it behind.

We hope these items are helpful for you in getting prepared for your Northern California road trip. Be sure to have A1 Performance Auto Repair check your fluids before you hit the road.

Travel Tips for Bay Area Travelers This Summer

Travel Tips for Bay Area Travelers This Summer

Now that the weather is warmer and the skies are bluer, it is time to start planning your summer road trip with these travel tips. The Bay Area is jammed full of awesome things to do for the singles, couples and the whole family.

Travel Tips

If it is time for a new adventure, Lake Tahoe might be just the place. While the ski bums look forward to hills of powder during the long Tahoe winter, summer brings out the warmth seekers. There are a lot of boating activities at Lake Tahoe between sailing and kayaking. Ski resorts like Northstar, Heavenly and Squaw stay open in the summer to provide gondola rides, mountain biking and hiking activities.

It is a royal blast for not only the kids at Lassen Volcanic National Park. There are bubbling mud pots, sulphur vents and boiling hot springs to see, all made possible by a real volcano. The volcano has been quiet since the early 1900s, but you can still keep an eye on its activity from safe trails nearby.

Sixty miles northeast of Redding is McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, the spot President Teddy Roosevelt called the 8th World Wonder. The icy cold falls are quite the majestic display with rainbows appearing everywhere. Catch and release fishing is allowed at the pool at the bottom of the falls, but it is far too cold for swimming.

If architecture is your thing, you’ll love a couple of days visit in Eureka. This town is loaded with 19th century homes from the Victoria era. The city is a capsule of time when the lumber industry ruled the area and high society culture ruled the social events.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Remember to stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair to have your car checked over before embarking on a road trip this summer. We want to make sure you have a safe and fun trip.

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