This is How to Dispute a Parking Ticket in Sunnyvale CA

This is How to Dispute a Parking Ticket in Sunnyvale CA

It’s never a good day when you get a parking ticket, but it’s a particularly bad day when you are ticketed without cause. There is a way to dispute a parking ticket, providing you take care of it right away.

How to Dispute a Parking Ticket

There are plenty of ways your car could end up looking like you illegally parked even though it was a legal parking spot when you parked in it. Maybe some workers changed the signs that day, the meter wasn’t functioning properly, or maybe the parking enforcement officer got distracted and wrote the ticket for the wrong car. Or maybe the officer inaccurately measured the parking space when they determined you were not within it. Things happen. You do have a way to dispute the parking ticket in Sunnyvale.

This is what you need to do to dispute your ticket. Write a very short letter in a calm and matter of fact way explaining why this ticket is unfair in your situation. Include any relevant photos, pictures of signs or anything else that proves your case. Be sure to write the citation number on the letter at the top and the date.

Send your letter to:

C/O City of Sunnyvale
PO Box 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

You have only 21 days from the date of the citation to contest the parking ticket. So, you should send your letter right away. You want to make sure they receive it long before the time is up. And just as a tip, signing it Epstein’s Mother isn’t likely to get you very far.

It is always a good practice to send it with proof of delivery. If they say they never received your letter, the post office will have the evidence they did.

If you have any questions about parking tickets, call the Citation Processing Center at 800-989-2058. Someone there can answer any questions you have. Good luck in disputing your parking ticket.

Things to Do in The Bay Area That Are Really Cool

Things to Do in The Bay Area That Are Really Cool

Sure, you need some things to do in The Bay Area when the relatives come to visit you. The Fisherman’s Warf is something you can only do so many times before you just plain refuse to do it again. So, here is a spot you might not ever tire of seeing.

Things to Do in The Bay Area

Have a wander around Albany Bulb for a fun thing to do in The Bay Area. It is a bulb shaped peninsula in the city of Albany. Originally, it was a landfill all during the 1900s, but now it is a park. And the artists have gone wild in there creating all sorts of interesting art out of the junk that they find there.

Albany Bulb is dog friendly, although keep Fluffy on a leash to watch where she’s stepping. This still is a landfill. Although not accepting new trash, there are still plenty of hazards.

How to Get There

Take the 580 and exit on Buchanan. There is a parking lot there at Albany Bulb, but it gets filled up during busy times like the weekends. So, plan ahead.

Albany Bulb
1 Buchanan St, Albany, CA 94706


According to a local blogger, heading out on the left path will take you through graffiti style art on old broken up cement. He does advice watching your step as rebar is found to be sticking up. He has lots of photos of what he had found there.

The sculptures are on the beach in Albany Bulb. Once at the beach, go around the bend to the northeast park of the park and you’ll start seeing sculptures.

Get the Car Ready First

When company is coming to visit, you’ll be driving all over the place to show them all the things to do in The Bay Area. Be sure to get your car maintenance done before they arrive, so you’ll have safe travels.

Parking Rules and Regulations for the City of Sunnyvale CA

Parking Rules and Regulations for the City of Sunnyvale CA

Regulations in regard to parking in Sunnyvale change from time to time. Here are some of the rules you need to follow when parking in the city.


Sunnyvale has a lot of parking regulations and this keeps the city operating with a good flow, plus is keeps the city free of abandoned vehicles. It can be difficult to remember all of these rules when you’re searching for a place to park or shopping for a new place to live. So, here is a list of the most important rules you need to know, along with a map to follow.

Parking Regulations

There are posted times where you can park on the street. However, some people are allowed to have longer parking times for those spots. Some residential neighborhoods are allowed special parking permits. With the permit a resident can park on the street all day long, as long as they don’t exceed 72 hours. To find out if your neighborhood is allowed these permits, contact Division of Transportation and Traffic at 408-730-7415.

Street sweeping creates a hiccup in your parking situation. To check on when the next day is, see their map.

For downtown parking, it is a whole other situation. You will see signs posted that will have a P3 or P4 on them. The P is for parking and the number is how many hours you can park there. The Caltrain area will have free parking after 6pm, but this is not an invitation to park overnight. Parking overnight anywhere in a public parking facility is illegal in Sunnyvale, CA.

To help you navigate the Downtown Sunnyvale area, here is a city parking lot map that you can bookmark.

While parking regulations are always annoying, it is always more annoying when there aren’t any. If you follow the rules, you’ll save a lot of money in fines.

How to Have Fun: Tips for Long Drive in the Car

How to Have Fun: Tips for Long Drive in the Car

Driving all day can be maddening and make you sleepy, so here are some tips for the long drive in the car on this year’s vacation road trip.

Tips for Long Drive in the Car

Yeah, it is tough if you have to drive all day and you’re not used to doing that. So, here are some tips for the long drive in the car that will make the experience really enjoyable!

Take the Highway

By choosing the highway route on your Navigator or TomTom instead of the freeway, you’ll find you can go farther and stay refreshed naturally. Highways are smaller, so much less stressful and have lots of interesting things to look at while you’re driving. You’ll also stop at a store and get back on the road a lot quicker! So, it might take 20 minutes longer, but it’ll feel like your destination happened a lot faster. Avoid the freeway!

Sunflower Seeds

Eating sunflower seeds have kept a good many truckers awake on their long hauls. If you get the kind with the shells you’ll be very busy while you’re rocking out to KISS on the oldies station. The shelling action keeps you alert and the sunflower seeds are packed with yummy nutrition.

Marc Maron

When Marc Maron started his WTF Podcasts it changed interviewing forever. Listening to his great interviews of actors, comedians, musicians and great entertainers will make the time fly by fast! So, load up the iPod with numerous WTF Podcasts before hitting the road, then plug it in and play.

Check Up Before You Ride

Stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair to have your car checked out before hitting the road. We will make sure all your belts look great, your oil is changed and your tire pressure is perfect. Enjoy your road trip!

How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Changed?

How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Changed?

When you’re shopping for a used car, you’re probably wondering how often do brakes need to be changed on cars. The good news is that it can be as much as 75,000 miles before you need to change them. The bad news is it could be as little as 25,000.

How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Changed?

The huge factor in the life of brake shoes, discs and rotors is how the driver of the vehicle drives. With good braking habits you can have your brakes for a very long time before you need to replace them. Another factor is keeping an eye on their condition and catching repairs before they become expensive repairs.

If you drive across town to work every day in downtown traffic, your brakes probably won’t last as long as the person that takes the freeway. All that constant stopping due to traffic and traffic lights is a lot of wear on your brakes.

When your transmission is manual then you can downshift more often to slow down first before braking. This can save a lot of wear and tear on the brakes. But if you are driving an automatic then there is no practical way to do this.

Another tip to get more life out of your brakes is to keep the vehicle light. That means you need to take all that stuff out of the car that is in there for no reason. Travel light and it takes a load off of your brakes.

When Car Shopping

When you’re shopping for a used car, you will have no idea if the former driver slammed on the brakes a lot, drove in heavy traffic and used and abused the braking system. You will need to have the brakes inspected. Some brake problems are expensive, so it is an important factor for the sales price.

Cars for Dogs That Want to Drive

Cars for Dogs That Want to Drive

There are cars for dogs that want to drive like their owners do! Watch as this doggy take his Rolls Royce around the property as his owners talk about how this came to happen.

Cars for Dogs

Barry the Bedlington terrier didn’t just hop into his mini-Rolls and take it for a ride. He started, like many children, with a tricycle and worked his way up to a Rolls Royce. Oddly enough, dogs that drive cars isn’t as rare as you might think. Dog owners are giving their pups cars for dogs. Some take to driving rather easily, it seems.

The cars aren’t really specially made for dogs, they are made for children. Kids drive their mini-cars around the property and practice their best maneuvers. Dogs like to have a little fun, too! Barry was an internet sensation back when he was just a young dog tooling around the estate on his trike. Now, he has his own Rolls, of course.

But Barry the Bedlington isn’t the only dog out there driving around. Youtube is full of videos where they claim the dog is driving. Some appear to be remote control cars and others appear to be driven 100% by the doggie.

And then there is Porter, a rescue dog in New Zealand. The SPCA in New Zealand decided to have a publicity campaign. They chose to teach dogs to drive a car! Not a mini or toy car, a real car! The video below shows their great success. Apparently, the publicity campaign was a great success, too, given this video generated over 100,000 views. I hope they raised a lot of cash and were able to re-home hundreds of doggies.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Remember to get your car’s maintenance done on time, whether it is your car for dogs or just for you.

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