How Does Your Vehicle Rate in Popularity?

How Does Your Vehicle Rate in Popularity?

High school popularity might be over in most of our lives, but let’s face it. It is still cool to hang with the popular kids, or in this instance, the most popular vehicle. Here is how 2019 panned out for vehicle popularity and it has a few surprises.

2019’s Most Popular Vehicles

Here are the vehicles that sold the most in the year 2019, starting with the big winner and counting down.

  1. Ford F-Series Sold 896,526
    You might be expecting the vehicle with the most sales would look more like a passenger car and not a pickup truck, but here we are. The highest sales numbers goes to the Ford F-Series pickup trucks. People seem to like it for just driving around and running errands, as well as for the hobby farm.
  2. Ram Pickup Sold 633,694
    The model 1500 is a very popular truck and a heavy-duty vehicle for towing, hauling and moving your brother-in-law’s junk into his own place. It’s Ram tough!
  3. Chevrolet Silverado Sold 575,600
    You might be seeing a pattern here. Trucks are very popular, including this light to heavy-duty pickup truck that got surpassed by the Ram 1500.
  4. Toyota RAV4 Sold 448,071
    It’s the 5th generation of the RAV and it’s is one popular SUV, the most popular as luck would have it. And hey, it isn’t a pickup truck! But it is very convenient for any home to have.
  5. Honda CR-V Sold 384,168
    While it’s sales were higher in 2019 than in 2018, it lost its #1 SUV spot to the RAV4.
  6. Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport Sold 350,447
    This was a very popular SUV in 2018, but its sales numbers dropped by 15% in 2019. The odd thing is, it is still very high up on the charts.

Your Vehicle

So, how did you fare? Are you driving one of the most popular vehicles all the cool kids have now?

Car Makes Noise When Braking

Car Makes Noise When Braking

Sometimes a car makes noise when braking and it is normal and other times it is trying to tell you something. It is important you know the difference, so you will have it checked out when a repair is needed.

Car Makes Noise When Braking

Whether or not the noise your car is making is something going wrong will depend on the type of noise.

Brake Grinding

If your car makes noise when braking and it is a grinding sound, it generally means something is wrong. Usually it means your brake pads are completely shot. You’re just grinding your rotors. You need to have your brakes inspected right away. It could be a simple fix, though. Maybe a little stone is stuck in there somewhere causing the noise. The mechanic can remove it and you’re fine. But that usually is not the case.

Brake Squeals

That high pitched squealing is one of those things than can drive drivers mad, much like fingernails on the chalkboard. Usually this is an indication that your brake pads are worn down enough to hit the wear indicator. The squeal is intentional. It lets you know you need new pads. Or, it can mean the calipers are sticking. It can also mean that the clips that hold the pads are broken. Any of these options mean you need to have a mechanic inspect the brakes.

If you just had your brake pads replaced, this sound is just a temporary problem. In a few days the pads will have broken in enough and that noise goes away.

Getting Brakes Inspected

A1 Performance Auto Repair does brake inspections and repairs. Stop by anytime to have us take a look at your brakes to see why your car makes noise when braking.

How to Check Your Brakes on Your Car

How to Check Your Brakes on Your Car

Most people don’t need to know how to check their brakes. They just have the auto mechanic check them periodically. But, there are a few things you can do at home to check your brakes.

How to Check Your Brakes

If you’re concerned that it might be time to replace your brakes, you’re probably right. Most people don’t suddenly have a feeling their brakes are going bad without reason. You’ve probably picked up on a sign whether you consciously realize it or not. So, here are a few things you can do to get a good idea it is time to take your car into the mechanic to have a professional opinion on the subject.

To the Floor with the Pedal

If your brake pedal seems to go a lot closer to the floor than it used to then it is time to have the car brakes looked at by your mechanic. There could be several reasons it is doing this and all the reasons will require your mechanic. It could be a fluid leak or completely worn out brake rotors. You need to take the car in right away.

Squealing and Grinding

There can be a little rust built up on the rotors from driving on flooded roads. Over a few days the rust will be worn off by normal braking. That is nothing to worry about. However, if the sounds continue, take it in to your mechanic.

1/4” Rule

Look through the open parts of your wheel to see if there is ¼” of brake pad. If it is lower than that, take it into your mechanic soon, but when convenient. You’ll likely need a new set of pads.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair whenever you have concerns about the performance of your car. We’ll be happy to take a look at it.

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