Of course, the most common problems that can cause you to get into an accident are weather problems and driver error and phone usage, but there are mechanical issues that can cause you to get into an accident, too. Here are the most common mechanical problems that can turn dangerous on the road.

Mechanical Problems That Cause Accidents

Aside from very obvious problems like the car suddenly breaking down and stopping in heavy, fast traffic, there are some minor mechanical problems that can get you into trouble, too.

Worn Out Brakes

A major problem is brake failure. Even with a dual brake system, worn out brakes are still a problem that can cause you to hit someone, something or another vehicle. Have your brakes checked once per year to make sure they are always in great shape.

Faulty Suspension

When your suspension is in disrepair, you’ll be bouncing around so much that you cannot control the car properly. And then you’ll become a hazard on the road. Faulty steering is also a problem that will cause you to lose control of the vehicle. When you notice odd behavior in the steering or suspension, contact A1 Performance Auto Repair soon to have it diagnosed and repaired.

Worn Out Wiper blades

Windshield wiper blades need replacing every year at the least. When they no longer completely clear your windshield, you become an accident waiting to happen.

Faulty Headlights and Taillights

When your lights are blinking on and off, too dim to see or won’t go on at all, you’re not going to see well and others are not going to see you. This is a recipe for disaster. Get your headlights and taillights checked every year.

Bad Tires

Worn out tire tread puts you at high risk for a tire blowout. Make sure you always have enough tread and the wear is even.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Anytime you have a problem with your vehicle, give us a call for an appointment. We’ll figure out what it the problem is and promptly fix it. Stay safe on the roads.

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