The starter motor is an important vehicle component that starts the engine cranking. Like other vehicle parts, the starter motor may fail, but problems with the starter system are often confused with other vehicle issues.

So how do you tell that it’s a broken starter motor? What do you do about it?

What Causes a Broken Starter Motor?

The starter is a small battery-powered motor that gets the engine running.

In most cases, a faulty starter motor is caused by a worn-out electrical solenoid or another fault with the electrical, such as the starter relay. A loose starter wiring, dirty connections, oil leaks, and battery corrosion are other possible culprits. It can also be worn out or damaged parts in the starter.

While you can replace a starter before it fails, you cannot tell when that will happen, which is usually a problem.

Conduct a car starting inspection before you make a hasty conclusion that the problem is with the starter.

Troubleshooting the Starter Motor

A light tap with a hard object usually does the trick to power the starter back up. Usually, the tapping helps regain contact between electrical components that may have been lost for various reasons. However, this is a temporary fix that will help you get to your favorite car mechanic.

Sometimes, it may not even be the starter, but the battery and its components. Keep an eye out for loose or faulty battery cables and check the status of the battery itself.

Try starting the engine in the park status. If it doesn’t start, shift the vehicle to neutral and try again. In some cases, the starter motor will come to life in neutral. This is a clear symptom of a faulty neutral safety switch or other technical glitches.

If you suspect that your starter may be having problems, come in or contact us at A1 Performance Auto Repair for diagnosis and repair. We offer a wide range of motor vehicle services to keep it on the road and ensure smooth riding.

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