Nothing spoils your day better than engine problems in the morning. The dreaded misfiring or sputtering of the engine can drive you up the wall. But what does it mean, and what can you do about it?

A purring or humming sound is the best indication that every component in the engine is working correctly. Don’t ignore the sputtering noise, and take action as soon as possible. Such a problem does not go away on its own.

What you can do about a Sputtering Engine

The health of your engine depends on an efficient combustion chamber, where air and fuel mix effectively. The ignition system components and the fuel must work together in a couple of series for everything to run smoothly in the combustion chamber. Misfiring happens when the ignition and fuel system components no longer function properly, and a replacement is due.

Ideally, you should replace these components as recommended by the manufacturer.

In some cases, the sputtering can be from low fuel levels that need more than a tank refill. The injectors in the fuel system must shoot sufficient fuel amounts into the engine cylinder for efficient combustion. Unfortunately, the injector sprays can somehow break down, get clogged, or wear out. The result is insufficient amounts reaching the cylinders, and the engine must work harder, hence the sputtering.

Replacing or repairing injectors for your Mercedes-Benz or BMW can solve the problem. However, you can save a handful of bucks if the problem is just a clogged injector sprout or nozzle. The component could be dirty, and a replacement may not be necessary.

Some other Causes of Sputtering Engine

A problematic component in the fuel or ignition system is not the only cause for a sputtering engine. Problems in the exhaust system are another common culprit. For example, a worn-out gasket in the exhaust system can cause your BMW to sputter. Worn out spark plugs can also cause the same problems.

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