Brakes wearing out is a quiet, almost unnoticeable process usually. You drive the car every day and push the brake pedal often. Any change that is going on is so small that its unnoticeable. That’s why when the mechanic tells you that your brakes are in bad shape, you wonder how you could not have noticed they were so worn down.

Brake Need Repair

It usually takes a person who has never driven your car before to notice that something is amiss with your brakes. If their car has good brakes, it is very noticeable when they drive with worn brakes that need work. Here are some tips to use in recognizing brake problems in your own car.

Mushy Brakes

When your brake pedal feels mushy or goes almost to the floor when you press it, the brakes are in need of repair immediately. The car isn’t safe to drive probably.


When you press the brakes, your car should continue in a straight line and not veer off to one side. If it does, it could be a simple fix, but it needs a mechanic to find the cause right away before serious damage is done.

Fluid Leak

Brake fluid is clear or a light golden color. If you see this color on the pavement where you park then you probably have a brake line leak.


If you feel a wobbling sensation in the steering wheel or hear it when you apply the brakes, it is an indicator that the rotor has worn unevenly. You’ll need to have your brake repaired before it quickly shreds your brake pads.


Grinding or squealing that sounds like metal on metal is the indicator sound the pads make when they are worn down. But if you just had your brakes done then it’s probably just cheap brake pads making their annoying sounds.

Get Your Brakes Checked

If you’re concerned you might need a set of brakes repaired, call for an appointment at A1 Performance Auto Repair. We’ll be happy to check it out and find the cause of the problem you’re having.

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