Most people do not give their dogs much thought when choosing a suitable vehicle. But the mutt is an important member of the family, and their comfort when going out on an adventure also matters. As a pet parent, there are a few dog-friendly car suggestions that you can pick, and here are a few of them.

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect is a convenient van for families. It has loads of space for the family outing and can comfortably accommodate a German Shepherd or other big dogs. The smaller Connect is also the right choice if you want something relatively compact that can accommodate your small family, including the dog.

Subaru Outback

The latest model has some exciting features that both humans and their furry friends will love. The rugged rear part of Outback is sufficient for fastening a dog carrier. The floor is easy to clean, and you will not have to worry a lot when the dog comes back from play with muddy paws. Subaru Outback boasts off-road characteristics, and there is no place that you cannot go with your dog for outdoor fun.

Chevrolet Colorado

If you have a refined taste for the hard-working SUVs and pickup trucks, then Chevrolet Colorado will hit the right spot. With such features as easy to clean vinyl seats and all-weather floor mats, you will not hesitate to bring the Great Dane along. The low riding tailgate will make it easier for the dog to hop in and out without much trouble.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery is a vehicle for the chosen few, and your canine buddy may fall in love with it, as well. It comes packed with various features such as roomy rear cargo and a split tailgate that make it ideal for both humans and dogs. The 82.7 cubic-feet storage space is more than enough wiggle room for your furry friend, and his partner. Also, the optional offloading air suspension setup allows the dog easier entry and exit to make your life and that of the dog, comfortable when traveling.

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