Everything you need to know about California’s driving laws is inside the California Driver Handbook. It is 162 pages of driver nerdness and you need to know most of it before taking the driving test in California! You don’t need to find a printed copy. You can use the download link below.

California Driver Handbook

Here is the link to download the California Driver Handbook for free. Included in this 2018 issue is the latest and greatest of the California driving laws that just took effect in January of this year. Learn about the new driving with marijuana law, how to start your driver’s license application online, new seat belt laws for buses and a notice about new motorcycle training courses.

There really is a lot crammed into this little book these days. There is a lot of information on where to find things online, hours of the DMV, helpful phone numbers and information for veterans. There is also a new section on REAL ID to let you know what this new form of identification is and how to obtain it.

There are also the usual rules and regulations on driver’s licenses and the rules of the road. This is the handbook that you need to study in order to pass your written driver’s test in California and also the driving test.

Driver’s Test

We wish you all the luck in taking your driver’s test. Once you’re driving around with your new car, keep in mind you’ll need to take good care of it. We’re here to help with your oil changes, tire rotations and other tasks on your regular maintenance schedule. Drop by any time at A1 Performance Auto Repair if you have any problems with your car. We’ll take a look at it. Now that you have your California Driver Handbook, study hard!

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