There are worse problems than a blown head gasket, but a car head gasket problem is bad news, for sure. If you’d like to try to rule out this costly repair, here are some signs that let you know it’s probably a blown gasket.

White Smoke

White smoke coming from the tailpipe usually means one thing: the car head gasket is having issues.

Water Coming Out of Tailpipe

While it’s a sign of a head gasket problem, it is also a sign of some other things that are not problems. It could be condensation in the exhaust on a cold day or just the catalytic converter doing its job. The water alone is not a sure sign of a problem.


Engine overheating is always a problem, it may or may not be a costly one. If your coolant is full and the car’s overheating, you need to figure out the cause before driving it again. It’s a sign the head gasket needs replacing.

White Stuff in Oil

Finding what looks like milk in your engine oil is a real bad sign. Your coolant has mixed with your oil. You certainly have some type of engine problem.

Bubbling Radiator

If your radiator is bubbling as soon as you turn on the car then the head gasket is blown. If it is just a little bit of bubbling, then you can try an additive to seal up the head gasket. But it’s always best to have the mechanic at A1 Performance Auto Repair properly replace the head gasket. Sometimes additives can do more harm than good.

Head Gasket Repairs

If you’re concerned about how your car is running and suspect the car head gasket, then give us a call for an appointment. We can let you know right away if that’s the cause. It is always best to catch this type of problem right away, before it causes more damage.

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