Sometimes a car makes noise when braking and it is normal and other times it is trying to tell you something. It is important you know the difference, so you will have it checked out when a repair is needed.

Car Makes Noise When Braking

Whether or not the noise your car is making is something going wrong will depend on the type of noise.

Brake Grinding

If your car makes noise when braking and it is a grinding sound, it generally means something is wrong. Usually it means your brake pads are completely shot. You’re just grinding your rotors. You need to have your brakes inspected right away. It could be a simple fix, though. Maybe a little stone is stuck in there somewhere causing the noise. The mechanic can remove it and you’re fine. But that usually is not the case.

Brake Squeals

That high pitched squealing is one of those things than can drive drivers mad, much like fingernails on the chalkboard. Usually this is an indication that your brake pads are worn down enough to hit the wear indicator. The squeal is intentional. It lets you know you need new pads. Or, it can mean the calipers are sticking. It can also mean that the clips that hold the pads are broken. Any of these options mean you need to have a mechanic inspect the brakes.

If you just had your brake pads replaced, this sound is just a temporary problem. In a few days the pads will have broken in enough and that noise goes away.

Getting Brakes Inspected

A1 Performance Auto Repair does brake inspections and repairs. Stop by anytime to have us take a look at your brakes to see why your car makes noise when braking.

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