If your car turns off while you’re driving, you certainly have a problem going on. It might be an expensive one, and it might not be an expensive one. This is how you can tell.

Car Turns off While Driving

From the obvious to the obscure, here are some things that could cause your car to turn off while you’re driving it.

Out of Gas

Before you quickly disregard this one, if you have an older car then it’s possible the fuel gauge is broken. It can be showing a full tank (or any other level) and actually be completely out of gas. So fill it up and keep an eye on it to see if it’s misrepresenting the amount of fuel in your tank.

Ignition Switch

Sometime the ignition switch will start falling apart inside. If it shorts out then it’ll cause the car to turn off – even when you’re driving. If the ignition switch has been giving your grief lately, suspect that first.


A dead alternator doesn’t work and when that happens, the battery will step up to the task of running your vehicle. But that isn’t going to last forever. The battery will run out of charge and die, too. When that happens your car will turn off.

Computer Problems

Just when you thought you were safe from a computer problem by driving around in your car, the computer problem will find you. Cars are run by computers these days and they break, too, just like in your office. When a car computer breaks, all sorts of weird things can happen.

You Might Be Hacked

If your vehicle has the ability to access the internet, then a hacker might have taken control of your car and shut it off as a prank. Most car owners don’t think of this as a possibility, but it is a possibility.

Get Your Car Checked Out

If your car ever turns off while you’re driving it, call A1 Performance Auto Repair for an appointment. We’ll get to the bottom of it and get it fixed.

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