There are cars for dogs that want to drive like their owners do! Watch as this doggy take his Rolls Royce around the property as his owners talk about how this came to happen.

Cars for Dogs

Barry the Bedlington terrier didn’t just hop into his mini-Rolls and take it for a ride. He started, like many children, with a tricycle and worked his way up to a Rolls Royce. Oddly enough, dogs that drive cars isn’t as rare as you might think. Dog owners are giving their pups cars for dogs. Some take to driving rather easily, it seems.

The cars aren’t really specially made for dogs, they are made for children. Kids drive their mini-cars around the property and practice their best maneuvers. Dogs like to have a little fun, too! Barry was an internet sensation back when he was just a young dog tooling around the estate on his trike. Now, he has his own Rolls, of course.

But Barry the Bedlington isn’t the only dog out there driving around. Youtube is full of videos where they claim the dog is driving. Some appear to be remote control cars and others appear to be driven 100% by the doggie.

And then there is Porter, a rescue dog in New Zealand. The SPCA in New Zealand decided to have a publicity campaign. They chose to teach dogs to drive a car! Not a mini or toy car, a real car! The video below shows their great success. Apparently, the publicity campaign was a great success, too, given this video generated over 100,000 views. I hope they raised a lot of cash and were able to re-home hundreds of doggies.

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