Here are some of the most common reasons you’ll suddenly start getting poor gas mileage. The odds are the cause is one of these, but if you rule these out you’ll need to get some help diagnosing the problem. Hopefully, it is one of these easy things to fix and you’ll be getting that great gas mileage again.

Causes of Poor Gas Mileage

There are a whole bunch of problems that can cause your great gas mileage to drop. Here is where to start in diagnosing the problem and getting it fixed.

Missing Gas Cap

You’d think it wouldn’t matter if your gas cap was on or not, but it does. It can have a dramatic effect on mileage. So, be sure it is on and screwed down tight.

Incorrect Tire Pressure

Make sure your tire pressure is correct. It should be listed in the doorjamb of your car. But you can look it up on the tire manufacturer’s website if you think the information is incorrect in the door.

Low Oil Level

Check your oil and make sure the level is where it should be. If it’s low then you might have a leak. Have that checked out right away.

Dirty Oxygen Sensor

Have this checked at your next oil change or sooner

Fuel Pump Issues

You probably already thought of this one but check it. If it looks to be leaking or smells of gas, have it checked out right away. You don’t need a fire under the hood.

Your Nephew

Your sister’s kid has been racing the car. Seriously, is someone else with poor driving habits driving your car lately? Jackrabbit starts and speeding uses a lot of gas. If it’s you, still blame the nephew.

Get it Checked Out

If you’ve checked all the easy stuff you can control and you still haven’t located the cause of your poor gas mileage, then make an appointment with A1 Performance Auto Repair. We’ll find the problem and get it fixed.

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