There are so many choices when it comes to the cheapest roadside assistance and your insurance company tends to have a very cheap plan. But there is something that your insurance company doesn’t want you to know.

Cheapest Roadside Assistance

Your auto insurance company likely has the cheapest roadside assistance, running in cost around $6 to $14 per month. This sounds like quite the deal, until you find out that it might drive up your insurance rates if you ever use it.

The reason your rates will go up isn’t because you’ve had an accident and you’re calling for assistance. You could go out to your car in the morning and have a dead battery. So, you use your roadside assistance with your insurance company. Suddenly you see your insurance rate climb. You’ve had no tickets and no accidents. It makes no sense that your insurance is going up so rapidly.

Well, it does make sense. Your rate is climbing because you used your insurance policy’s roadside assistance plan. Insurance companies treat these calls as an ‘incident.’ Traffic tickets are also counted as an incident. Auto accidents are an incident. Having an incident sends your rates soaring.

How to Avoid Rate Increases

The best way to avoid your insurance rates going up when you use roadside assistance is to use a plan that is not connected to your insurance. Use AAA or another auto club that is not provided by an insurance company. And really, sometimes they are the cheapest roadside assistance plan. With an auto club you never have to worry about your rates being raised because you used the plan to get some roadside help when you needed it.

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