Hybrid vehicles have grown incredibly popular based on fuel economy and low maintenance demands. There are significant differences between hybrid cars and ordinary gas-powered cars. However, both types need regular maintenance to keep on the road.

As a hybrid car owner, it is critical to arm yourself with the necessary education to prepare for any eventuality.

Routine Maintenance for Hybrid Vehicles

The gas engine cars have a long list of maintenance items at specific time intervals. They require wheel alignment, oil changes, and air filter changes. This is similar to hybrid vehicles.

The difference is that hybrid vehicles may not require as much maintenance in certain areas. For example, oil changes for hybrids are less frequent.

Check Engine Light Issue

The benefit of a hybrid vehicle is that it does not have engine problems like average vehicles. However, there have been particular issues with hybrid models.

In particular, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche have had check engine light issues. This would come on or stay on without producing any code to point to the primary cause, becoming somewhat of a nuisance and a safety issue. Drivers are never sure if their engine needs checking or not.

The drive system in a hybrid vehicle is complicated, and so the check engine light can come on for various reasons. Even the slightest of errors that do not need attention can turn on the light. So, what do you do when this happens?

If it comes on when driving, pull over and shut off the engine. This is for your safety. The reset allows the computer to recheck everything and turn off the light if it finds that everything is okay. Sometimes the light does not go away, and you need to take it for code scanning. Check for blown fuses. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may not be able to use the vehicle in the meantime.

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