You cannot help but fall in love with the current crop of Dodge vehicles. For example, the Dodge Caravan, currently in its fifth generation, is one of the most popular the US and Europe. However, your prized Dodge Caravan may experience shifting shuddering and harshness that you have no idea where it’s coming from.

The problem is quite common with the 2003 Caravan and usually episodic, but this should not cost you an arm and a leg. Dodge Grand Caravan comes equipped with the latest A604 (41TE) or 62TE transmission, but it is not without problems.

So what do you do about the Dodge Van shifting problem?

Solving Dodge Van Shifting Problems

The shifting shuddering and harshness are one of the most manifest signs that your vehicle’s automatic transmission needs a thorough inspection. Sweeping this problem under the carpet can lead to much larger issues with the auto’s transmission, and that is never what you want. Contact an experienced auto repair, and they will make the problem go away.

One of the quickest ways of solving the Dodge van shifting problem is to purchase a used transmission. Most of them that you find in junkyards come with between 30 and 90 days warranty. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine if the unit does not have the same problem as the one that you want to replace.

The second option is getting a rebuilt transmission from your local repair shop. However, this mostly depends on the expertise of the auto repair technician. Don’t leave this task to someone that is on a trial-and-error rampage.

Usually, the best solution is always to spend on a remanufactured transmission. It is generally worth the investment.

Should you need any help with your Dodge Caravan transmission, A1 Performance Auto Repair is just a contact button away.

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