We’ve all done it. You pull into the gas station, unscrew the gas cap and place it on top of the car. Then slide your credit card in the machine, put gas in the car, replace the pump’s handle into the slot and then jump in the car and go.

Gas Cap

Your car will run a little weird for the next 400 miles or so, but you figure you’ll take it to the mechanic when its convenient. Eventually, you’ll need fuel again and you see you do not have a gas cap any longer. You drove off without putting it back on at the last fueling. Ugh. Now what?

Gas Cap Heaven

There is a place where all gas caps run free. They all live together in a gas smelling, dirty, oil stained cardboard box – at the gas station. You find most makes of cars represented in the box. Think of that box as a public service gas cap swap.

Go to any gas station and ask for the gas cap box. They’ll hand you a box full of them. Just start twisting them on and off until you find one that fits like your old one did, until you abandoned it, left it crushed in the middle of the parking lot. Or worse yet, you let it slide off the car into oncoming traffic to be pummeled into dust. Pity.

Sure, you could go to the dealer and order a new one or find a replica of your old one on the Internet, but why? You can just go down to the gas station near your house and get one for free. Without the wait.

Hopefully in the future you’ll have a gas cap with a little safety cord on it that connects it to the car. You’ll find that it is a lot harder to loose, unless you drive off with it bouncing around by the cord for days until it breaks free. Those can join the others in the box, too. If you need help finding just the right one, we’ll get you a new one at A1 Performance Auto Repair. Stop by.

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