Certainly, owning a car is a great experience but is never a bed of roses. It takes hard work to keep the vehicle on the road. Usually, you have to give the automobile some tender loving care, and it’ll reciprocate with reliability, convenience and enjoyable riding.

For example, don’t accelerate during start-up. To keep the engine in better shape, be gentle with the accelerator and often shift to neutral at a red light.

Treating your car better and acknowledging its limits will ensure the repair periods are few and far between.

Wash and Wax the Car

How the exterior looks is often a reflection of our personality, so you should keep it clean, shiny and free from rust.

Spilt beverages can be corrosive, and the dust particles can scratch the exterior or the interior. Vacuum the interior and use a soft, damp cloth on the dashboard and the plastic parts.

Waxing regularly protects the paint, creates a protective barrier against bird droppings, and slows oxidation. As much as possible, park in the shade as this avoids the UV rays that crack your paint job.

Regularly Change Oil and Filter

Changing the oil frequently flushes abrasive particles and dirt that can increase the engine’s wear. Don’t skip the oil filters as well, as they accumulate dirt and particles that blend with the new oil (you want to avoid this).

Regularly Check on the Battery

Some manufacturers claim the battery is maintenance-free, but you’ll still need to check on it regularly to prolong its life.

Keep the terminals clean with a damp rug and some detergent, and check for any signs of damage. Does the battery have any bulges and cracks? If it does, then it is due for replacement.

Maintain the Right Tire Pressure

Regularly checking the tire pressure and keeping it at the proper levels according to the manual recommendations is vital. Keep an eye out for uneven tire wear because it indicates wrong wheel alignment, even worn-out shock absorbers, tire damage, bent wheel or bad brakes.

Clean the Engine Annually

A clean engine is happy, so it runs smoother and cooler. You can quickly identify any leaks on the engine when it’s clean and have it fixed. While you can choose to clean your engine, letting a professional do it is preferable to prevent damage to the sensitive parts.

Change the spark plugs after the recommended mileage to ensure better engine performance and fuel mileage.

A professional vehicle repair and maintenance service on speed dial is vital to keep the vehicle functioning at its best. A1 Performance Auto Repair is the experts you need to handle your vehicle the way it deserves and keep it on the road for longer. Contact us today!

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