Test your knowledge with these actual questions from a Sample California DMV test. Are you smarter than a teenage new driver? Let’s find out!

California DMV Test

1. You must notify the DMV within 5 days if you:

A. Sell or transfer your vehicle.
B. Fail a smog test for your vehicle.
C. Get a new prescription for lenses or contacts.

2. You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 MPH. The traffic is traveling at 70 MPH. You may legally drive:

A. 70 mph or faster to keep up with the speed of traffic.
B. Between 65 mph and 70 mph.
C. No faster than 65 mph.

3. It is illegal to park your vehicle:

A. In an unmarked crosswalk.
B. Within three feet of a private driveway.
C. In a bicycle lane.

4. All of the following practices are dangerous to do while driving. Which of these is also illegal?

A. Listening to music through headphones that cover both ears.
B. Adjusting your outside mirrors.
C. Transporting an unrestrained animal inside the vehicle.

5. When can you drive in a bike lane?

A. During rush hour traffic if there are no bicyclists in the bike lane.
B. When you are within 200 feet of a cross street where you plan to turn right.
C. When you want to pass a driver ahead of you who is turning right.

6. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles:

A. In both directions may pass.
B. Next to the broken line may pass.
C. Next to the solid line may pass.

The correct answers according to the California DMV:

1=A, 2=F, 3=A, 4=A , 5=B, 6=B

How did you do? Are you an expert in California driving laws or would you flunk the test if you were forced to take it today?

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