Learn how to check your driving record when you want to know if some negative information has been removed or to see if someone has stolen your identity. It is a simple thing to do.

How to Check Your Driving Record

When you’ve been waiting a long time for points to come off your driving record or maybe other traffic violation, the wait seems endless. You don’t have to hire an attorney or ask an insurance agent to let you know. You can check your driving record yourself and keep this private.

It is very inexpensive in California to get a print out of your driving record. It costs $2.00 and you can pay and get the print out on their website.

If you don’t have an online account with the California DMV, you’ll need to start one. You will need to start an account on the Registration Page before you use the link below to get a print out of your driving record.

Next you will go to Driving Record Page on the DMV website. Once you’re on the page, click the start button and follow the instructions from there.

The instructions are for a copy of your driving record for your own personal use. If you need an official print out, such as what you need to apply for a driving job, then you will need to request an official document. This is done by filling out this PDF file and then mailing it in to the DMV. The address where you mail it is right on the form.

Learning how to check your driving record is a good thing to do. You can check your record from time to time to make sure nobody has stolen your identity. Many people keep an eye on their driving record for this reason. A stolen driver’s license or a fake driver’s license in your name can really cause a lot of problems, if not caught early.

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