Many people these days will buy auto parts on the Internet, so they can save a little cash. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that the parts they are getting such a great deal on are likely counterfeit. Counterfeit auto parts, like counterfeit money, isn’t a good thing. So, here are some tips that will help in identifying fake parts from real ones.

Counterfeit Auto Parts

Auto parts that are fake are not something you want to put on your car. It isn’t like a generic brand that makes a good part that doesn’t have the big manufacturer’s brand. Counterfeit parts are parts that are cranked out quickly in China without any care for quality, functionality or safety.

Sure, the price is unbelievably low on counterfeit parts, but that doesn’t make them a great deal. They can cost you your engine or even your life. They will definitely cost you your money, because you will have to buy legitimate parts soon in order to replace the fake one, in addition to anything else those parts ruined.

Here are things to look for to spot the fakes, but keep in mind, the photo they’ll have on a website is likely fake, too.

Cheap Packaging

If it is real, it’ll be protected in nice packaging.

Missing Part Number

Real packaging will have the part number printed on the box, not a sticker.


Just like all counterfeits, they don’t pay proofreaders to make corrections.

Instructions That Are Wrong

If the directions on installing, or other packaging materials, are poor translations and don’t make sense, it’s fake.

It Just Looks Off

Compare the same part that you purchased at your mechanic or a local auto parts store to check against a potential fake. The differences become quite obvious in the details.

Use Reputable Dealers

A1 Performance Auto Repair uses genuine parts that are safe, work properly and you can trust. Don’t waste money buying fakes on the Internet or at swap meets. If the price sounds too good to be true, it is.

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