When you’ve lost your title, don’t worry. You can still sell your car. Here is how to sell your car in California even though you don’t have the title in hand.

How to Sell Your Car in California

When you find a buyer and are going to sell your car, here is the list of things you definitely need:

  • California Certificate of Title
  • Signature of seller
  • Signature of the lienholder
  • Signature of the buyer
  • Transfer fee

You have the car. You have come to an agreement on a sell price with the buyer, great! Now! Where the heck did you put that title?! Do not worry, this comes up a lot. There is a way to sell your car easily.

All you need is the Application for Duplicate or Transfer of Title form. This is form #REG 227. This form is used to sell your car just like it was the title. If you have a lienholder, this form has an area where your bank or other financial institution releases their lien when you pay them off. So, you’ll visit the bank first to sign off then take this form to the DMV with the new owner.

There might be a smog certification required. If the vehicle you’re selling is less than 4 years old then you don’t need the smog. But, if the vehicle is older than that then you will, if you haven’t had it smogged in the past 90 days. Be sure to take care of the smog certification before going to the DMV, if one is required.

There is more information on how to sell your car in California on the DMV website. If you have questions about a special circumstance, then check with the DMV’s information page. The answer is probably there and easily found.

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