Taking care of your motor vehicle is necessary to ensure that it works effectively and safely for longer. Usually, rotating your tires is among the essential maintenance items that determine your safety on the road.

Why should you rotate your tires regularly?

Extend Tire Life

Tires wear out at different rates, with the driving tires wearing out faster. For example, the front wheels of a front-wheel-drive vehicle work harder than the rear wheels, and therefore, they are prone to wear faster.

The freeway tire failure that may happen as a result of poor tire maintenance can be quite inconvenient and risky as well, especially when it happens at night.

When you rotate the tires, you give them a chance to wear out evenly and extend their life. Ideally, you should rotate the tires after every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Check Condition

Another good reason to regularly rotate the tires is to check on their condition. During tire rotation, you check on the condition of the rims, treads, and the overall health of the wheels. Some issues are hard to see, such as the rims’ bending, blistering on the wheels, and cupping.

Mechanics have also come across razor-sharp shards of bolts, nails, and metal protruding out of the tires. Such issues are hard to see unless you remove the tires.

Cupping, for example, is quite common in older vehicles, and it can cause problems with braking, steering, and premature wear of the tires. Blistering often occurs when the car slams into a pothole. The air then gets into the blister and can cause a dangerous blowout when driving at high speeds on the highway.

There are vehicles with different wheel sizes or unidirectional tires, and you should give them extra attention. If you are unsure about the wheel rotation pattern, refer to your driver’s manual. You can also contact us at A1 performance auto repair to help with tire rotation, among other service and maintenance items.

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