Some travelers like to just wing it, but others like to plan out every little detail. Road trip planners are for those who like everything on a schedule. Like it was when they were in the Army. Or prison. Anyway, here are a couple road trips planners to try out. They’re free!

Road Trip Planners

The first road trip planner is called Furkot. It helps you stay on schedule by letting you tell it how many miles you want to get in per day. It will let you know which of your preferred type of hotels will be at your stopping point for the day.

You can add stops along the way, review upcoming tourist attractions and drag your route due to last minute changes.

But most of all, it keeps you right on schedule and will warn you that you will fall off schedule. I’m fairly sure that Sheldon Coopers voice won’t be involved, so you’ll have to imagine that part.

Next is Their trip planner is very easy to use and it has a very cool Airstream icon on the map. It is like Lucy and Desi are out there somewhere roughing it in a KAO. You can click the restaurant icon and it’ll dot the road you are on with numerous eateries. You can also select the type of food you’d like.

When you’re full of food and cool beverages you can select other icons like shopping, points of interest, and sports! And of course, there is a hotel icon. What makes it special is that many of the choices are previewed on the left side of the page with nice big pictures of their establishments.

Roadtrippers has everything the Rand McNally tries to have on a paper map, but it is supersized and goes into depth. It looks like this road trip planner makes the ordinary trip a lot more interesting by letting you know what you’re missing along the way.

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