When you’re having a hard time staying on the road due to a tremendous amount of bouncing around every time you hit a pothole, it might be time to have your shocks replaced. But something else might be causing the problem instead.


When you hit a bump in the road or a pothole, which is sort of the opposite of a bump in the road, the first things that spring into action are the springs. They compress to keep your head from hitting the roof of the car. Immediately after that the shock absorbers absorb the bouncing around your car needs to do. If all is perfect under the car with these parts then you have a smooth ride. If things are not in perfect working order, you are being bounced all over the place.

Shocks do wear out over time. There are only so many bounces it is going to take for you. How long they last depends on your typical road condition, the quality of your shocks and how you drive. So, you really need to know the signs.


A crazy amount of bouncing around means the shocks are toast.


Sometimes worn out or broken shocks make a lot of noises when you hit a pothole or rippled dirt road.

Lopsided Car

A car that looks lopsided on one tire might have a broken spring. You should probably have that looked at right away.

Bottomed Out

If you bottom out when you go over railroad tracks, that’s a pretty good sign your shocks are shot.

What to Do

If you suspect a spring is broken or your shocks are worn out, stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair. We’ll get your car fixed up. Do check our Deals Page before you come in. We just might be having a special!

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