We all have our little problems and Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, seems to have more than his share now that his Suburban has been eaten by wild animals.

How Much Suburban Can a Woodchuck Chuck?

Apparently, Ryan left his Chevy Suburban over at his mom’s house for safe keeping, or so it could enjoy the wildlife? We don’t know. But mom went to Florida for the winter, as many Wisconsinites are apt to do. Upon her return, she let him know the car wouldn’t start.

So, being a dutiful son, Ryan had the car towed into the dealer to have a looksee. The mechanics discovered a family of woodchucks (also known as whistle pigs) had moved into the car and made many meals out of the vehicle’s wiring.

“And so, my car was eaten by animals, and it’s just dead,” he said (as reported by The Hill).

Ryan was storing the car at his mom’s house, because he’s not allowed to drive due to being on a security detail for the past 3 years. He can resume driving in January when he retires as Speaker of the House.

Whether or not the vehicle went back to his mom’s house to provide food and lodging for more wildlife isn’t known. Maybe his mom drives it now that the summer Florida weather is horrific enough to kill anything over 21 years old.

So, what is going to happen to the Suburban? The dealer refurbished it and it is all spiffy once again. Ryan plans to renew his driver’s license in January and buy a Ford F-150. The woodchuck family was not available for comment and have not been heard from since their discovery.

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