The Old Car Buy Back and Scrap Program is a voluntary program aiming to take older and operational vehicles off the road for dismantling. The Bay Area Air District program pays $1200 on a first-come first-serve basis for registered 1997 and older cars that are still operational.

But before your vehicle can be eligible, it must meet specific requirements and Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program guidelines. Read on!

Some of the Qualification Requirements

For starters, your vehicle must be a light-duty pickup truck or a passenger car that is 1997 or older, operable, and registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The category also includes a van with a gross weight rating not exceeding 10,000 pounds.

The vehicle must be driven to the site of dismantling using its own power and not towed there. Furthermore, the car should not be operating under economic hardship extension or the smog check repair cost waiver. Ensure that it has also passed the latest California DMV’s biennial Smog Checks so that it can be considered for eligibility, and it should be free from tampering.

Nevertheless, the vehicle can still be eligible if you had legally placed it in planned non-operational status for a total of fewer than two months. This must be during the continuous registration period of two years and happening at least three months before the sale.

Normally, the registration data from DMV records is what will determine its registration history. But if the data is inconclusive, the vehicle registration certificate copies will suffice. The vehicle dismantler will check its condition and functional inspection to determine if it meets the program requirements. They will reject the vehicle if it fails.

If you are having trouble understanding the requirements or needing more helpful information, A1 Performance Auto Repair is more than happy to help or contact the program directly. Contact us today!

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