Diesel cars of today are a far cry from those of decades long ago. Luckily for all of us, they no longer resemble the smoke belching, loud running vehicles of the past. Today, situated below higher priced electric or hybrid vehicles and offering better mileage than engines fueled on unleaded gas, diesel offers options.

Diesel in a New Era

Diesel maintenance – or lack of – offers a key selling point. These engines automatically ignite without a spark. This means no constant scheduling of tune-ups and spark plug replacements. You can also drive an 1800 rpm water cooled diesel engine up to 30,000 hours in many models before maintenance. A comparable unleaded gas vehicle requires maintenance between 6000 and 10,000 hours.

It’s true that diesel fuel still costs more than filling an unleaded gasoline tank. Yet diesel owners often make fewer trips to the pump. Certain models boast a 20 percent or greater mileage improvement. If you’re considering a higher-performance gasoline vehicle that requires premium fuel, you’ll pay similar to diesel each time you fill your tank.

Power also tends to attract consumers. A diesel engine offers more power from a cold start. This translates into a better towing capacity. If you use your car or SUV for towing trailers or boats, you’ll cause less strain and fuel burn with a diesel engine.

The Resale Value Consideration

Finally, if you’re the type who buys a car while thinking about resale value, diesel may present a great opportunity. A study by ALG, a firm that frequently estimates resale rates, states that compact diesel vehicles hold 63 percent of their value in 36 months. Gasoline vehicles and hybrids came in at 53 and 55 percent for the same period.

Diesel is no longer the butt of auto jokes. Check out a modern diesel and see for yourself. When you finally do need some diesel maintenance or repair, schedule an appointment with our mechanic at A1 Performance Auto Repair.

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