The van has traditionally been the simple go-to mode to transport people and stuff to a particular destination. But they’re more than that these days and are a lifestyle choice – how things change!

The rise of “van life” has attracted droves to trusty vans and life on the road. People want to enjoy more freedom and connection with their environment, which explains why models such as ID.Buzz are growing so popular. So, why is hopping into a van and hitting the road so appealing these days? What’s it about van life?


Vans are like flexible homes. They can accommodate a small family and be on your way for some fun out of town without limitations. So, are you in the mood for a beach party or beer at the foot of the mountain? No problem! With a van, the world is your oyster – or, even better, your parking lot.

A sense of Community

Van life brings a sense of community, and nothing spices life more. Chances of meeting other ‘vanlifers’ increases when parked at a rest stop or campground. It’s the way of the universe. A vanlifer attracts other vanlifers.

These van life connections are often beneficial, especially when looking for advice on the best places to see the sunset or share a beer.

A Downside?

Vanlifing isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are some times you’ll wish for some privacy and settling. But a vanlifer will only see pros that far outweigh the cons, and they love it that way.

But let’s be honest for a second, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a different view of the sunrise every morning? We’re all adventurers at heart and potential vanlifers. Life is about the moments that take our breaths away, so if you can vanlife, why not?

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