Sure, you need some things to do in The Bay Area when the relatives come to visit you. The Fisherman’s Warf is something you can only do so many times before you just plain refuse to do it again. So, here is a spot you might not ever tire of seeing.

Things to Do in The Bay Area

Have a wander around Albany Bulb for a fun thing to do in The Bay Area. It is a bulb shaped peninsula in the city of Albany. Originally, it was a landfill all during the 1900s, but now it is a park. And the artists have gone wild in there creating all sorts of interesting art out of the junk that they find there.

Albany Bulb is dog friendly, although keep Fluffy on a leash to watch where she’s stepping. This still is a landfill. Although not accepting new trash, there are still plenty of hazards.

How to Get There

Take the 580 and exit on Buchanan. There is a parking lot there at Albany Bulb, but it gets filled up during busy times like the weekends. So, plan ahead.

Albany Bulb
1 Buchanan St, Albany, CA 94706


According to a local blogger, heading out on the left path will take you through graffiti style art on old broken up cement. He does advice watching your step as rebar is found to be sticking up. He has lots of photos of what he had found there.

The sculptures are on the beach in Albany Bulb. Once at the beach, go around the bend to the northeast park of the park and you’ll start seeing sculptures.

Get the Car Ready First

When company is coming to visit, you’ll be driving all over the place to show them all the things to do in The Bay Area. Be sure to get your car maintenance done before they arrive, so you’ll have safe travels.

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