Driving all day can be maddening and make you sleepy, so here are some tips for the long drive in the car on this year’s vacation road trip.

Tips for Long Drive in the Car

Yeah, it is tough if you have to drive all day and you’re not used to doing that. So, here are some tips for the long drive in the car that will make the experience really enjoyable!

Take the Highway

By choosing the highway route on your Navigator or TomTom instead of the freeway, you’ll find you can go farther and stay refreshed naturally. Highways are smaller, so much less stressful and have lots of interesting things to look at while you’re driving. You’ll also stop at a store and get back on the road a lot quicker! So, it might take 20 minutes longer, but it’ll feel like your destination happened a lot faster. Avoid the freeway!

Sunflower Seeds

Eating sunflower seeds have kept a good many truckers awake on their long hauls. If you get the kind with the shells you’ll be very busy while you’re rocking out to KISS on the oldies station. The shelling action keeps you alert and the sunflower seeds are packed with yummy nutrition.

Marc Maron

When Marc Maron started his WTF Podcasts it changed interviewing forever. Listening to his great interviews of actors, comedians, musicians and great entertainers will make the time fly by fast! So, load up the iPod with numerous WTF Podcasts before hitting the road, then plug it in and play.

Check Up Before You Ride

Stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair to have your car checked out before hitting the road. We will make sure all your belts look great, your oil is changed and your tire pressure is perfect. Enjoy your road trip!

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