Your car battery goes through a lot during its lifespan. Car batteries experience severe temperature fluctuations throughout their life, which over time deteriorates their capacity. Such phenomenon is usually worse in hot weather conditions where a car battery’s lifespan can be as low as three years, compared to an average of six years in cold weather conditions.

In a running vehicle, the alternator charges the battery. If such a car is parked and left idle for some days (or weeks) without disconnecting the terminals, the battery will discharge to a point where it may be impossible to start the vehicle. Allowing such a scenario to persist will lead to discharge cycles that may render your car battery useless, and you will need a replacement.

Making Your Battery Last Longer

Your car battery is one of the most vital and critical elements needed to keep your car going. It is what powers the starter, spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, and fuel pump at the first start of your vehicle before the alternator takes over.

One of the killers of a car battery is heat. Heat drastically lowers battery life, as it can cause the rapid deterioration of the battery fluids. Protect your car battery from excessive heat by parking in shaded areas or garages during the summer season. Using battery insulation covers can keep battery temperature at optimal levels, protecting the battery from extreme heat or cold.

The battery under the hood loses its charge when idle for an extended period as it drains rapidly. It is recommended that you start your car and take it for a ride once a week. When a car battery loses its charge completely, it will require a jumpstart to start the car.

Your vehicle should not have any electrical accessories running when the engine is off, like interior lights and the audio system. Ensure that the charging system components like the alternator are in good working order for a proper battery charge.

Following these tips can save you from embarrassing vehicle breakdowns and expensive repair / replacement. If you are not sure of your car battery’s health, bring it over to A1 Performance Auto Repair. Our Specialists and technicians will check your vehicle and give you the best automotive advice to get your car in good running condition.

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