We know how much you love your Grand Cherokee, but its shifting problems can give you quite a headache. Of course, the Jeep brand has been one of the most reliable, especially for off-road adventures, but they are not immune to transmission problems.

Jeep vehicles have been subject to a couple of recalls to address transmission problems. For example, there was a recall that involved up to 160,000 cars toward the end of 2009. They did not have a temperature warning system in the transmission and a faulty park gear led to a recall of more than 250,000 Jeeps in 2005.

Some of the standard Jeep transmission issues included disconnected transmission linkages, rough shifting, cracked clutch plates and selector levers that were loose.

Symptoms of Jeep Transmission Problems

Transmission problems may cause a loud noise when shifting or driving, and some report deteriorating fuel economy. It’s typical for most Jeep owners to ignore these symptoms and hope that they will go away on their own. For them, it’s just a simple inconvenience, but it can create dangerous situations. The Jeep shifting problem can put you and other road users in danger of a crash or the Jeep stalling in the middle of nowhere. You’ll also risk engine fire where the transmission fluid is leaking.

Jeep Transmission Remedies

Typically, the cost of the transmission repair will depend on the problem and its complexity. Small leaks or loose shifter knobs can be repaired in less than an hour by a qualified auto repair technician with favorable pricing, if it isn’t covered under warranty.

However, installing a new Electronic control unit or replacing gears will cost you a few hundred dollars. The last option is usually a replacement transmission, and it can go upwards of $3000. A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists will help you with any Jeep transmission issues if your warranty doesn’t cover it.

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