Have you lately been looking into minivans? Most people would go for crossovers and SUVs because apparently, their design is a lot more appealing than minivans. But the latest minivans, such as the 2021 Sienna with its squinty headlamps and wide-mouth grille, are sweet to the eyes.

There are several advantages a minivan has over your dream crossover.

Better Capacity for People and Cargo

Maybe you have a large family, or you are a party animal who likes having a small crowd of friends on an adventure. Whatever the case, a minivan is miles better for carrying people and cargo. A great example is the Chrysler Pacifica, with foldable second and third rows for more cargo space.

Then again, the 2021 Honda Odyssey has a spacious interior and is reconfigurable for cargo and other family members. Also worth the mention is the budget-friendly Dodge Grand Caravan with the capability to carry seven passengers.

Better Fuel Economy

Forget the shape, minivans are economical, and you can accomplish a lot with them. Their fuel economy is better than that of most SUVs. Considering that minivans carry many people and cargo, you get better value for your money. You do more with less fuel.

Latest Minivans are More Comfortable

In the not-so-far-away past, the interior of the majority minivans was nothing to write home about. But that is in the past. Current vans compete with higher-end SUVs, sedans, and crossovers with comfortable and premium interiors.

For example, Chrysler Pacifica comes with comfortable seats for the whole family and space to travel in luxury. On the other hand, the highly practical 2021 Honda Odyssey has pleasant driving dynamics and is intended to make the life of every passenger a little easier. If luxury is your staple, there are options such as the Mercedes-Benz Metris. Still think that minivans are not for you?

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