Most people don’t have to replace their brakes very often. But those who like to drive with a foot on the brake pedal will feel that “when to replace brake shoes” seems to be all the time! Good driving practices will get more life out of your brake shoes or brake pads. Here are some tips.

When to Replace Brake Shoes

Drum brakes with brake shoes are an old school approach to the braking system for cars and trucks. It was the original braking system that was first installed in a car in the year 1900. Believe it or not, the system is still in use today in the less costly vehicles. Most cars use brake pads these days, at least on the front of the car. When to replace brake shoes, depends on your driving habits, but it is usually more often than brake pads.

But, how many miles do you think you can go before having to replace those shoes? They are built to last about 35,000 miles. But, like with many parts on a car, it depends on how you drive.

Here are some signs that the end is near for your brake shoes:

  • Noisy back brakes when you are pushing the brake pedal to come to a stop.
  • The emergency brake doesn’t work anymore.
  • Shaking or vibrating when you come to a stop.

It is very important that as soon as you see the brake shoes are worn that you replace them. Letting things go will turn into a very expensive repair as parts start destroying each other in a chain reaction.

Good driving habits extend the life of brakes:

  • Stop without slamming on the brakes.
  • Keep the left foot off the brake always.
  • Downshift to slow down if you have a manual transmission.


Get Your Shoes Checked

A1 Performance Auto Repair can inspect your brakes to let you know when to replace your brake shoes.

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