The oldies are the best cars ever. They were stylish, expertly crafted out of real wood and steel and drove like a boat floating on water. At A1 Performance Auto Repair, we love the classics, too, and love to work on them. So, “Where can I buy classic cars?” you ask? There is a place close-by in San Jose.

Where Can I Buy Classic Cars?

It is easy to think only SoCal has options for a good place to buy classic cars, but here in the Silicon Valley there’s a place. So, don’t worry, you won’t have to become Jay Leno’s best buddy in order to snag a great classic car.

American Motors Custom & Classics specializes in selling restored classic cars. They’ve got your muscle cars, your Studebakers and Edsels. They are fully restored and some you can even customize.

This company sells cars and trucks worldwide. So, if you’re looking to sell the classic you already own, they’d likely be a good choice to help you sell it.

It’s always best to purchase from an expert. You might think you’ve scored big on an old car that a private seller has, only to find out it has parts from unrelated vehicles from different time periods and fake parts. It is very easy to trick a person who doesn’t look at these cars all day, every day. If you like the car, there is nothing wrong with buying a car that was inspired by one of the great models. But you sure don’t want to pay the price of an collector’s car, if it isn’t an original.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

From time to time we might know of a classic car for sale, as many of our customers drive restored cars. When you come in for maintenance or repair, ask us if we know of anyone who is selling. We’re happy to help you find where you can buy classic cars, when we know of someone who is selling.

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