When you’re car shopping for a used car, you pray every time you fall in love with one that this one won’t be like that other one you suffered with that one time. There are so many stinkers these days, that it isn’t enough to name a brand like Yugo and be done with it. Every brand has their duds. So here is some info on the worst  cars to buy, so you can avoid them.

Worst Cars to Buy

There is a nice article at ConsumerReports.org that lets you shop by brand to see the worst cars to buy. They are listed by year to make your shopping for a nightmare that much more precise. Use the drop down menu in this revealing device and it’ll bring up all the car names and the specific years they were a lemon.

It is easy to see that what is known as the worst car of all time isn’t even listed. Have all the Yugos been removed from the face of the earth now? There aren’t any exploding Pintos, Gremlins or Vegas listed either.

Bookmark the article if you’re shopping for a used car. You’ll reference it regularly to avoid some of the worst automotive disasters.

Even the beloved Tesla has its bad years listed: 2013 Model S and the Model X in years 2016-2017. Well, nobody’s perfect. Unless they are – you’ll see Honda doesn’t have a single car in that little database, although Acura has a few.

The Asian car brands have some very slim pickin’s, if you actually want a lemon of a car. Hardly any models are listed under those brands. So, it looks as if when you’re looking for the most reliable car out there, get yourself a Korean or Japanese car.

When avoiding the worst car to buy, be sure to stop by with any auto under your consideration so we can check it out. Even good cars can go bad.

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