The fighter jet canopy-shaped with alluring aluminum panels, Rapide E, may be the coolest car for 2020. That is quite a bold statement. But why do we think so?

Aston Martin initially revealed their concept of an electric Super Sedan, co-engineered with Williams Advanced Engineering in 2015. They have finally announced the production version Aston Martin Rapide E, and supercar enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited. There are reports that 007 will be going green, behind the wheel of Rapide E.

What’s Under Rapide E’s bonnet?

Rapide E boasts 701 lb-ft torque and 602 horsepower. It has a quoted top speed of 155 mph and takes less than 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Rapide E is quicker than Rapide AMR in acceleration. Well, Aston Martin states that the numbers are not dependent on a particular battery charge level. The performance is repeatable without any deterioration, at least according to the company.

In the words of Aston, Rapide E’s powertrain improves upon the feel, character, and delivery of Rapide’s V12 engine. The modified suspension, limited-slip differential, and the three driving modes ensure that Rapide’s V-12–engine’s efficient handling is not lost.

E’s 65.0-kWh battery pack Impresses with a range of 200 miles, almost in line with Tesla Model S 75, and incorporates a fast-charging tech. You can achieve a full charge within 3 hours.

Exterior Styling

If you thought Rapide’s exterior styling is the best, then that of Rapide E will blow your mind away. It has a reasonably comprehensive styling update with improved aerodynamics for a better range. Rapide E inherits the massive grill of Rapide, but instead of chrome slats, it has honeycomb mesh. The massive front bumper improves cooling, despite the reduced cooling requirements.

Aston Martin has developed a smartphone app that monitors battery charging and status. The dashboard is bright-blue with black leather and carbon fiber. Production is set at only 155 units. What do you think of the new Rapide E? Is it worth the hype?

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