There is an auto mechanic shortage going on in the USA for the past several years. Auto dealerships and manufacturers have been doing everything they can think of to encourage people to become mechanics. They go to job fairs, start their own recruiting programs and pitch students at technical schools. But, what does all of this mean to the average car owner?

Auto Mechanic

The auto mechanic is now the hotly recruited commodity. Their name used to be Grease Monkey. Today their name is Mr. Mechanic. Everybody wants the trained, experienced mechanic these days. What this means to you is that the labor hourly rate at the car dealership is skyrocketing. It is going up because mechanics are cashing in on being in demand. They are now making upward of $100,000 per year, because the dealership is desperate.

The average auto shop isn’t all that affected from the shortage. The independently owned auto shop is still owned by a mechanic and what he gets to take home is the profit of his shop. If the shop owner does hire any other mechanics then usually they are somewhat new to the industry. New mechanics are not going to have the training the dealership is looking for. So, your local mechanic is going to be an even better deal for you now.

As more and more car owners are discovering that the dealerships are usually charging far more than the auto mechanic on the corner, they are going to the auto shop like A1 Performance Auto Repair. The neighborhood mechanic is now the hero and busier than ever with all the new business. When a shop takes good care of their customers and charges a fair labor rate, they have all the business they can handle.

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