Leveraging the Vehicle Buy Back Program in The Bay Area

Leveraging the Vehicle Buy Back Program in The Bay Area

Did you know you can get paid for turning in your older vehicle?

Yes, the Vehicle Buy Back Program pays $1200 to The Bay Area residents that turn in their older automobiles for scraping.

But does your grandpa’s rusty truck junk that has been sitting in the garden qualify? Not exactly! The vehicle still has to be operable and meet other requirements.

The Status Requirements

Before you drive the vehicle to the dismantler, make sure it ticks the following boxes:

  • It is a 1997 or older model, gasoline-powered or diesel passenger vehicle, or a light-duty truck with a gross vehicle weight (GVWR) of 10,000 lbs or less.
  • You must drive the subject vehicle to the dismantler.
  • The vehicle must also be in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database as operable for a minimum of 24 consecutive months before the sale to a contractor within a district address. It’ll still be eligible in case of planned non-operational status, but with a three-month gap before the VBB Program sale.
  • Vehicles with tampered emissions controls are not eligible until these controls are restored.
  • The vehicle should not be functioning under an economic hardship extension or Smog Check repair cost waiver.
  • If the car is within 60 days of its next Smog Check, it must pass with no need for a repair cost exemption or economic hardship extension before being accepted by the dismantler.
  • If it is within 61-90 days of its coming Smog Check, there’s no need for the Smog Check. However, the car must pass the check if the Smog Check Inspection is done within the next 61-90 days.

The registration history of an individual vehicle shall be determined using registration data collected from DMV records. If DMV registration data for a specific vehicle yields conflicting findings, copies of the relevant car registration documentation may be used.

Usually, the vehicle dismantler will issue an inspection certificate for equipment eligibility and functionality. Contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair if your old auto fails to make the cut for the buy-back program.

How Do You Apply?

The first step is ensuring the car meets the Vehicle Eligibility Requirements. It has to pass the Vehicle Eligibility Inspection.

If eligible, book an appointment with the Air District-approved dismantler for sale.

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