Braking and ABS Issues of the Chevrolet Express

Braking and ABS Issues of the Chevrolet Express

The Chevrolet Express is the favorite of small businesses in the US. But that doesn’t mean it’s problem-free. The compact van needs regular TLC to keep it in tip-top condition.

One common issue with the Chevrolet Express that we’ve seen is braking and ABS issues. So how do you keep your Express on the road for longer?

The ABS Issue

The role of the ABS (anti-lock braking system) is to prevent the locking of the wheels during hard or sudden braking. The vehicle would skid and lose control when the wheels don’t spin.

Because your ABS works so hard, it’s prone to malfunctions. A failed ABS makes the brakes feel spongy, and the ABS warning light often comes on.

Keep in mind that ABS diagnosis and fixes are best left to experts. Our certified mechanics have dealt with numerous ABS systems and will ensure your Express is up and running as soon as possible.

A1 Performance Auto repair uses diagnostic tools to identify the problems’ source. Sometimes, the issue is with the hydraulic system. Or even a faulty sensor. It could also be a serious issue requiring the control module or the ABS pump replacement. Either way, an experienced mechanic will tell.

Braking Issues

A heavy vehicle requires a set of strong and reliable brakes. Your Chevrolet Express, full of supplies, needs to stop safely when you need it to.

When you start experiencing squeaking and grinding brake noises or even a spongy brake pedal, something is off. Your brakes are due for a check at our A1 Performance Auto repair shop.

But what could be eating your Express brakes?

Often, the issue is with worn brake rotors or pads. It’s natural for the braking system components to wear down because of so much friction. Replace periodically.

A safe and reliable Chevrolet Express mainly involves keeping up with the maintenance schedules. Don’t wish that the sudden strange sound that came on would eventually go away. It could exacerbate the problem or make it more difficult or expensive to repair when ignored long enough. Instead, bring the Chevrolet Express to A1 Performance Auto Repair for a check.

Fuel System Problems with Your Chevy Malibu

Fuel System Problems with Your Chevy Malibu

More than half of the 2018 Chevy Malibu complaints were associated with the fuel system and engine problems. That is according to NTSA. But these problems are not restricted to the 2018 Malibu. Other years have also been affected.

Symptoms range from reduced speed control to low idling, shaking, stalled engines, and sometimes even fires. Reports indicate that fuel system problems start much earlier, between 5000 and 7000 miles, in Malibu’s life. This is much earlier than the transmission problems.

Fuel System Issues

A bad fuel pump is the worst that can happen to your Malibu. If it happens, this problem restricts the fuel flow to the engine, resulting in a stalled or engine that is not running at all.

In modern vehicles, the fuel pump is inside the fuel tank for effectiveness. But how do you know that you have a fuel system problem on your hands?

Your first order of business should be to check for any trouble codes saved by the engine’s computer. For example, the P0087 trouble code detects a low-pressure fuel system. The same problem can also raise an oxygen sensor trouble code or others. The problem with a bad fuel system diagnosis is that its symptoms are similar to those of others, which complicates matters.

Basically, a bad fuel pump will cause insufficient fuel supply to the engine, which feels as if your Malibu is running out of steam when heading up a hill. It shares this symptom with a faulty catalytic converter. But with a bad catalytic converter, the loss of hill-climbing power is smooth and produces the P0420 or P0430 trouble codes.

Other symptoms of faulty fuel system include a failed engine start or challenges starting the engine. There just isn’t enough pressure needed to atomize the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Are you having trouble with your Chevy Malibu’s fuel system? If it’s still under warranty, you can see your dealer for a free repair. If you are out of warranty, A1 Performance can help. Reach out today!

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