Sure, there are car problems with any make of car, but some problems are little more prevalent with certain car makes. Here are some of the top problems with certain cars.

BMW Car Problems

The top BMW car problems kick in around 70,000. It is around that time that you might start seeing things like:

  • Stalls while driving. Average repair cost: $7,000.
  • Failed power steering. Average repair cost: $1,275.
  • Electric water pump failure. Average repair cost: $1175.

Acura Car Problems

Honda has a very consistent problem with 1,500,000 models in years 2008-2013. It starts sucking up oil at about 1 quart per 1,000 miles. American Honda did settle in court over the issue. Acura year 2010 was not included, but consumers say it should have been. Average repair cost: $7,100.

Other issues include:

  • Transmission failure around 112,000 miles. Average repair cost: $2,900.
  • Engine failure at 17,500 miles or thereabouts. Average repair cost: $7,500.

Nissan Altima Car Problems

The Nissan Altima has about 3,367 complaints reported on, far more than any of the other Nissan models. You might want to scroll through the lists of car problems if you are thinking of purchasing one of these cars.

  • CVT Shuttering, Vibration around 28,935 miles. Average repair cost: $3,050.
  • Excessive Oil Consumption around 96,200 miles. Average repair cost: $3,301.
  • Failure of Steering Wheel Lock around 83,950 miles. Average repair cost: $935.

Toyota Car Problems

  • Car problems with the 2007 – 2009 Camry models are many, but show up after about 73,000 miles.
  • Excessive Oil Consumption around 86,000 miles. Average repair cost: $4,333.

The most common car problems with the Prius are excessive oil usage, but the fix is inexpensive at only $428. Other problems include:

  • Headlight turns off randomly or malfunctions after about 90,000 miles. Average repair cost is $303-$600.

Repairing Your Vehicle

A1 Performance Auto Repair keeps abreast of common car problems with your make, model and year of car. This makes it easier to diagnose the problem you’re having quickly and get it repaired. Stop by today for an oil change to get to know us.

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