Honda owners are a very loyal bunch, far better than, say, Yugo customers tend to be. However, Hondas do have their issues, too. They are not the world’s most perfect car. If you’re shopping for a used car, the following are the types of problems they are known to have.

Common Car Problems of Hondas

All makes of cars have their issues and Honda is no different. Of course, different models will sometimes have different problems. So, just because a typical Honda problem is listed, doesn’t mean it’s a problem you’ll have. But it should be on your list of things to check before you buy. Here is the list of things that are common car problems of Hondas.

Brake Vibration

This vibration is caused by a warped rotor and typically happens over 90,000 miles. You might be able to have them machined, but it’s better to replace them.

Transmission Failure

Around 70,000 miles, the transmission might start slipping, skipping or have trouble shifting. Or it might just outright fail to work at all. Repairs are major – replacement or rebuild. Ask the owner if they’ve had the transmission replaced, if the car has over 70,000 miles on it. If they haven’t, it would be worth having a transmission shop look at it before you buy.

Squealing When Turning

Shuddering or squealing while turning can mean the compliance bushing is broken. This is something the Accords are known for as it reaches 100,000 miles. Typical repair cost is $600 or less.

Door Lock Weirdness

After 105,000 miles the Accord might have a power door lock go rogue. It’ll turn the locks on or off while you’re driving. It could affect the remote locking of the car, too. It might also affect your car’s alarm system. If a door’s actuator is the problem, it’s a $200 fix.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

If you have purchased a Honda and it needs repair, let us know. We are here to keep your vehicles running great.

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