When we think Honda today, we picture maybe a Honda Civic or Accord. But Honda started as just a motorcycle company and is still a popular motorcycle brand name. Here are some other tidbits of information you might not know about this manufacturer.


Honda started out manufacturing motorcycles in Japan in 1946. By 1959, Honda Motor Company opened a shop in Los Angeles with 6 employees to sell their 3 motorbike designs. This turned into a booming bike business that is still strong today.

Honda sold its first car in the USA in 1969. It was little more than a motorbike with an outer shell. The Honda N600 was cutting edge technology. It had an alloy engine and body that were so light that it could really zip around the streets, getting up to 9000 rpm. The first Civic came out in 1972 and the N600 was no more.

In 1979 the first Honda Accord was available for sale. While the Civic was rather stubby looking, the Accord took more of a stretch Gremlin look.

It appears that Honda’s first love is cutting edge technology, which goes far beyond cars and motorcycles. Today they have their technicians creating other transportation like the Uni-Cub, a motorized unicycle. They are also involved in medical inventions such as the Walking Assist Device which helps people walk again.

In 1999, it was Honda that had the first automobile electric hybrid in the USA. Unfortunately, it didn’t catch on with the public due to many factors.

Honda continues to drive innovation and has their engineers making all sorts of products better, faster and safer. If it has a motor, Honda has probably developed the item already or is ready to issue their latest and greatest model of it.

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