If you own a Honda CRV or Civic equipped with the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, you could likely have an engine oil dilution problem. The engine oil dilution problem affects over a million Honda CRVs, and Civics manufactured from 2016.

In cold weather conditions, fuel leaks into the engine crankcase. It mixes with the oil and increases the oil level to abnormal values. The mixing also reduces the viscosity of the engine oil to levels that may cause catastrophic engine damage. This problem has triggered reactions from various countries (including the US) where Hondas fitted with this engine are sold, including service campaigns and class action lawsuits.

The Problem

The engine in question incorporates “Earth Dreams” technology, Honda’s direct-injection engine that delivers fuel into the engine combustion chamber under high pressure. This engine has been praised for its good performance and fuel efficiency but suffers from engine oil dilution problems. The sprayed fuel in some cases and specific operating conditions do not burn off completely, so it trickles down to the crankcase and mixes with the engine oil. The continual dilution increases the oil level in the crankcase and reduces the oil viscosity. This reality increases the likelihood of engine damage.

Owners of such vehicles complained of illuminated check engine lights, the smell of petrol fumes within the cabin, and engine misfire. Sometimes the fumes made owners dizzy when driving.

What You Can Do

In a bid to address this problem, Honda in 2019 extended the powertrain warranty of all vehicles equipped with the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine in all 50 states of the US to six years and unlimited mileage, regardless of the predominant weather condition. So if your own any of these vehicles, ensure you check at your local dealership for eligibility.

This engine is these vehicles depend on engine heat to burn off these fuel vapors. As much as possible, avoid too frequent start-stops and ensure your vehicle reaches close to operating temperature before driving. This practice can help alleviate the problem.

If you are doubtful of the condition of your Honda, bring it over at A1 Performance Auto Repair. Our Specialists and technicians will check your vehicle and give you the best advice on how to resolve your vehicle problems.

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