Honda is a household name that has been involved in the automobile industry for as long as most of us can remember. They’ve made a number of successful products over the years and practiced their skills with many of them. Car engines are an example of this. Car enthusiasts and those with little to no knowledge of car engines both look for used Honda engines for sale. This is because Honda has managed to keep up with the changing times and delivered accordingly, so customers prefer them.

The Honda VTEC engine has been in development for quite some time, with engineers and experts working tirelessly to create the ideal design. Because of its game-changing capabilities, the VTEC engine has sparked market excitement since the early 1990s.

Honda VTEC Engine Issues

However, as with any great thing in the world, the Honda VTEC engine has a few drawbacks. These issues may not be present in every VTEC engine, but there is no way to know which engines are free of them. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in being fully informed about something you’re considering investing in. So, let’s look at what these common issues are.

  1. Drive Belt Wears Out Quickly:  If you’re a car expert, you’re probably well aware of a drive belt and how important it is for smooth driving. It usually dies after 100,000 kilometers of driving.
  2. The Timing Belt does not have a long life. The most common sign of a faulty timing belt is constant ticking or squealing sounds coming from the engine. Another thing to look out for is the engine being unable to start or there being exhaust issues.
  3. Engine Vibrations: Engine vibrations can be caused by faulty spark plugs that are unable to consistently start the engine. Another cause for vibrations may be the engine mounts that are worn out and faulty timing belt.
  4. Changing Oil Several Times: When it comes to oil changes, the Honda attention and VTEC engine requires special may need to be changed more frequently than in other vehicles.

If you have any of these problems, feel free to visit our service in Sunnyvale, California, where our experts will do their best to solve your problems as soon as possible.

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