Receiving a rebate or electric vehicle tax credit because you purchased an electric car is always a big bonus! These rebates are one of the many incentives that keep people lining up to buy a Tesla and other electric vehicles. There are still rebates available for you, the electric car owner, in the Bay Area.

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Before getting into the electric vehicle tax credit, there is a PG&E rebate that you’ll want to take advantage of. It is called “$500 Clean Fuel Rebate.”

This rebate can be yours from PG&E:

  • If your residential PG&E account is active
  • You can apply for the credit on behalf of an electric vehicle owner that lives in the building
  • If you own or lease an electric vehicle or have permission from the tenant that does
  • You can get the Clean Fuel Rebate only once
  • The registration fees for the vehicle must be paid
  • The vehicle must be registered for the same address as your PG&E account

It is easy to apply. You can apply for the $500 Clean Fuel Rebate online.

The Federal Electric Vehicle Tax Credit from the federal government has expired. The feds did renew it once before, so keep an eye on this program. They might renew it again.

There are numerous federal, state and local programs from everything from free parking, electric bill incentives, rebates for low income and business vehicle rebates. These programs can be sorted through by zip code, so do a search to see all of the programs that are available to you in the Sunnyvale area. You’ll likely find many programs that will give you new found cash and discounts.

At A1 Performance Auto Repair we are happy to keep you informed on Electric vehicle tax credits and rebates you might be entitled to receive.

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