An evaporation system controls the engine’s temperature by taking excess heat from the engine and transferring it to the air outside your car. This process allows your vehicle to run more efficiently, which helps save you money on fuel costs.

Rav4 may be more affected by this evaporation system issue than any other brand.

Where Does the Evaporator Issue Come from?

There are several issues with the evaporator system in the Rav4, and the most common is a leak in the evaporator core. When this happens, you will hear a hissing sound when you turn off your car and open the door. This is because air pressure gets lost when you open the door, and air flows out of the cabin through the hole where the evaporator core is leaking.

The other issue that can happen is if there is a problem with your blower motor. In this case, you might see smoke from your vents or smell something burning inside your car. This is because your heater core has failed and started to overheat. The lack of circulation causes it to melt away from under your dashboard.

It can also be a clogged evaporator core. The evaporator core is the part of your air conditioner that cools the air from your vents. When it gets clogged, it stops cooling properly. You’ll know this is happening if your car feels warm even though your heater and defroster are turned on.

Also, when the expansion valve leaks or is stuck open, it causes an overfill of refrigerant in the system. This causes an increase in pressure and makes it harder for your compressor to work properly. The result? Poor performance from both the AC and heating systems!

It could also be a leak somewhere (usually at a fitting). The refrigerant leaks out, reducing pressure in the system and causing poor performance from both systems mentioned above and decreasing fuel economy.

If either of these things happens to you, we recommend taking it to a repair shop so they can diagnose exactly what’s wrong with it and replace any parts that need replacing at an affordable price. A1 Performance Auto Repair will diagnose any issues with your Rav4 in Sunnyvale, California, and fix it.

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